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Spymaster Pro Announces a 50% Discount to Combat Infidelity During the Pandemic.

2020-08-07 08:33:24 Technology


Spymaster Pro, a popular cheating spouse tracker, and a smart parental control software, announces a 50% discount on all their products and services to combat infidelity during the coronavirus pandemic. The makers of this cell phone surveillance app believe that this will encourage more people to get out of the web of lies created by their cheating partners.
The team behind Spymaster Pro, the leading cell phone monitoring software, has announced that they will be selling all their products for Android and iPhone at a 50% discount. They have put up this offer as a way to help those dealing with infidelity amidst the coronavirus crisis. It is the makers' step to combat the high rising cheating rates all across the globe. All the new users, as well as the existing customers who wish to renew their subscriptions, can avail of this fantastic discount.
Spymaster Pro, a cell phone spy software, is available for both Android as well as iOS platforms. Be it any phone model; it is compatible with all. The software is meant to be used by parents as parental control, by spouses to catch a cheater, and by employers who wish to monitor their employees. It comes packed with some amazing features ranging from location tracking and sensitive information alert to call listening and WhatsApp monitoring. With this extensive range of functionalities, it allows its users to go through every activity carried on in the target phone.
Perhaps the biggest reason for the makers of this spy app to bring such a massive discount during the coronavirus pandemic period is the fact that with everything going digital, infidelity has also become internet-driven, and it is on the rise during these tough times. A famous relationship journal states, "There are more cases of infidelity while the world is stuck at their homes. For everyone who thought that the lockdown would end the problem of infidelity and adultery, the cases are on a rapid rise." Spymaster Pro understands that spending a lot during this situation is not possible. So, to help the victims of infidelity, they have decided to lower their prices. They want more and more people to deal with infidelity the right way – collect a solid piece of evidence against their cheating spouse and walk out of the relationship on their terms instead of taking some drastic steps.
Spymaster Pro has the following features:
• Phone Tracking
• Call Logs Tracking
• SMS Tracking
• GPS Location Tracking
• Facebook Tracking
• Snapchat Tracking
• Instagram Tracking
• WhatsApp Tracking
• Multimedia Tracking
• Web Browser History
• Email Tracking
• Sensitive Information Alert
• Installed App Tracking
• Tinder Tracking
• Telegram Tracking
• Kik Tracking
• Hangout Tracking
• Viber Tracking
With all these, the customers can observe their spouse or partner. From their Facebook messages and call logs to their texts and search history, they can view all from the convenience of their space.
The CEO of Spymaster Pro has this to say, "This discount is our way of reaching out to more and more people facing the issue of infidelity or adultery. We know this can be a heart-wrenching situation, but instead of turning to self-harm, collecting proof and getting rid of the cheater is the right way to deal with it. Its time we show the cheaters that we will no longer be a part of their games and lies. The more people get on board, the sooner we can end this problem of infidelity."
The news of infidelity in the modern world is not unheard of. However, its sudden upsurge, even during the testing-times of coronavirus, is a matter of concern. The Spymaster Pro team already encourages spouses to never give in to cheating. So, the fact that they wish to apply their monitoring principles to this issue during the pandemic is no surprise, especially when a spike in the infidelity rates is expected due to people having nothing but their cell phone in hand to pass their times. "I am sure there is no better way to catch a cheater than this cell phone monitoring software," says Madison – Spymaster Pro's regular customer.
As the hope of the world functioning the usual way appears to be far away, the Spymaster Pro team is hoping that this discount will help them reach a wider audience. And accomplish what they have set out to do in the times when the world is going all digital – combat infidelity.
About Spymaster Pro
Spymaster Pro is a mobile phone monitoring software that is in the spy market for a few years now. This spy app works on all Android and iOS devices. The application helps customers monitor the activity of the target device remotely. To find out more about the app, log on to spymasterpro official website.

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