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Venom Motorsports unveils their new range of innovative electric mini ATVs

2022-08-11 12:23:49 Automotive


Venom Motorsports has been leading the online vehicular marketplace with its top-quality street-legal motorcycles, and further extending its broad range product catalogue with the addition of the inventive electric mini ATVs which are powered with advanced motor engineering and secured with credible venom motorsports assurance.

The cutting-edge electric mini ATVs are charged with a robust 1300-watt motor that offers an exciting riding adventure, also the bikers are equipped with thick 15-inch any terrain tires that make it easy for the rider to ride the bike at any surface or terrain. With a battery backup of more than 12 hours, these electric minis are ideal for every parent who wish to reward their children's desire for riding with a four-wheeler that will upscale their driving skill.

Apart from being exceptionally high performance, the electric mini ATVs are incredibly safe and the advanced shock-absorbing suspension quality accouters the vehicle with an impeccable braking ability. Furthermore, to ensure maximum comfort for the youth riders, the bikes are furnished with a 5-inch clearance space that allows flexibility and proper leg space. Combined with all these great features, the electric mini is still reasonably priced and the deal would leave the customer with a thick wallet and a smiling face.

Most of these bikes are equipped with an easily charged lithium battery that offers a clean and eco-friendly substitute against the polluting fuels such as diesel or petrol. Also, the bikes come insured with a one-year bumper to bumper replacement warranty which means that for a year you can replace any part of your ATV for absolutely free of charge.

ATVs are mostly driven by kids who love to bump their cars, and unlike other ATVs that are fragile and low quality, electric mini ATVs are unbelievably robust. Not just the body, even the engine of the ATV is insured with a one-year warranty that allows the customer to get the engine replaced in case of any issues.

Furthermore, the customer can order this ingenious product of modern mastery through the online portal and the electric mini would be delivered at the doorstep of the customer on zero shipping charges. Also, there are no additional taxes on the purchase and the customer would not be bothered by any latent prices.

This is the perfect gift that you can give to your little one giving them the time of their childhood while also making the ready for the crucial intricacies of adulthood driving. Such great features combined with the affordable selling price makes the electric mini ATV a must-have for every American and Canadian household.

Apart from youth amusement, the ATV can also be utilized for carrying out crucial daily-life chores like shopping for supplies, grass mowing, raking, and field plowing. Furthermore, you can also carry firewood on the mini and the ride further offers numerous two-fold benefits that make it a worthy candidate for being a member of every modern garage.

About Venom Motorsports

Venom Motorsports is a leading vehicular online marketplace that offers ingenious and top-quality street-legal motorcycles which are backed with the assurance of a reliable dealer that enjoys decades of experience in furnishing the desires and passion of fellow riders with products which make their riding experience incredibly enriching. Apart from selling, the dealership takes love for riding one step further by providing expert motorcycle maintenance assistance across the entire motor vehicular segment.

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