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What Are Celebrities Doing During the Lockdown?

2020-07-09 01:11:01 Art & Entertainment


From regular people to A-listers, we are all trapped in our homes for the time being. So, while you are finishing your favorite series on Netflix, you may be thinking ‘what about the rich and famous?’ ‘What are they doing?’ ‘Is their life much more different than ours during this crisis?’ Let’s take a look at some celebrities and see if we have anything in common with them!

Rihanna is keeping her secrets
Bad Girl Riri may keep her private life away from social media these days so while we’re not really sure what she’s up to, what we do know is that she recently donated 5 million dollars to help the fight against the virus and also protective equipment to the state of New York which has been hit hard by the pandemic.

Madonna is baring her soul
The Queen of Pop and mother of six is also on lockdown after being forced to cancel the remaining dates of her “Madame X” theatre tour in Paris as the pandemic had already hit the country hard enough in early March for the government to ban all public gatherings. Madonna confessed on Instagram she took the news pretty hard.

Meanwhile, she is updating her profile with daily diaries in which she types at an old typewriter her thoughts about the pandemic and life in general. It’s quite entertaining to watch so we definitely recommend it. She also has made a donation to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Tiffany Haddish keeps it funny
We need laughter, so we can forget about the bad days and what better person to rely on than Tiffany “She Ready” Haddish? During a live stream on Instagram, she talked about the importance of pickles when the chicken is dry and how there are several types of pickles available including cinnamon ones and garlic ones.

Only she could make a conversation about pickles hilarious, especially since she also invited her brother to taste said pickles. We were expecting for her to take out a big enough tackle box filled with some more pickles, but maybe in the next live stream.

Cher is going political
Cher was never the one to keep her opinions to herself - if she has something to say, well, she will say it! While less active on Instagram, Cher is taking to Twitter to criticize the current administration for how it’s responding to the coronavirus emergency.

Jessica Chastain is watching Nicholas Cage movies
On her Instagram stories, the Academy Award-nominated actress shared she was enjoying some wine and some Nicholas Cage movies such as “Moonstruck” and “Raising Arizona”. We’re not sure how much she’s had to drink, but at one point she was trying to serve the movie poster for “Raising Arizona” some wine as well so at least we know she shares.

Cardi B is going viral
Cardi is locked down with her husband, Offset, with whom she seems to have an on-and-off relationship. While Offset is doing his thing and rolling, Cardi was filmed confessing she might be afraid of the virus. Her way of saying “Coronavirus”has gone viral after being remixed by multiple people including DJ Snake.

David Beckham is playing with Legos
David Beckham has admitted to being a Lego fan a long time ago and the lockdown just gave him more time for his hobby. Together with his wife, Victoria, and their children, David was seen building a Harry Potter carriage - complete with Hagrid and other characters, while his son Brooklyn was building a classic red London bus.

So, millions of dollars and paparazzi aside, we can safely bet that most celebrities are really more like us than they’d like to admit.


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