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Get Better Investment Returns with a High-Interest Savings Account

2021-01-22 02:25:44 Business


Since formal banking has been in the financial sector, a savings account has been a viable and trustworthy investment. People opt for these accounts as they are lesser prone to market risks. However, most of them have medium to low returns. They have low-interest rates. So if the market is doing fine, the return is unsatisfactory. One way to cope with this is a high-interest savings account.

What is a high-interest savings account?

As the name suggests, these are savings accounts with higher returns than the traditional accounts. The average return can be 20-25 times the returns from the traditional savings account. Usually, these are offered by the internet-based banking services. They also have a minimum balance requirement. Also, the number of withdrawals is capped. This varies for different banks.

How these accounts are beneficial?

If you are looking for a profitable investment, a high-interest savings account will be beneficial in the following ways:

1. Reliability: These accounts follow federal regulations. You do get insurance from FDIC and NCUA. So in case, the bank goes bankrupt, you will get your principal money back. Just make sure that you open a high-interest savings account in a bank that is a member of both.

2. Flexibility: Banks providing high-interest savings account mostly work completely online. You do not need to visit their branch and submit the papers. Usually, their sales representative will guide you through all the steps. You can submit the papers by scanning and uploading them on their website. This process makes opening an account easier. You can do it while traveling to work.

3. High returns: The sole aim of the investment is to get higher returns. You can be saving for your kids’ education, your house or an emergency fund. The higher the return, the more secure you are. Opening these accounts allows you to secure the basic amount while getting higher returns. Most people have a regular savings account whose interest rate is lower. But that does have more flexibility. The number of withdrawals is not limited. You can open high-interest savings account if you can lock a certain amount for a certain time. The total return at the end will serve the purpose. These accounts are best for long-term financial planning.

What should I look for in a high-interest savings account?

1. Interest rate: You should always research the interest rates before opening an account. Compare it with other banks. Invest in the one that performs best against the market risks.

2. Customer service: The bank should provide an instant remedy to customer complaints. Since the whole process is usually done completely online, you should not face any trouble uploading documents. The transfer between the different accounts should be instant and hassle-free.

3. The number of withdrawals and fees: In these accounts, the number of withdrawals is limited and after that, each withdrawal is charged. Look for the bank that offers maximum withdrawal and is with a lesser charge.

Having a high-interest savings account is an excellent financial planning for medium returns. You can get amazing kulutusluotto offers or consumer credits by different banks. Just be sure to research them before investing.


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