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How CloudConnect’s Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions Can Help Businesses During COVID-19

2020-04-01 12:30:27 Technology


During COVID-19, working remotely is one of the best informal short-term arrangements between the employee and supervisor. If this type of arrangement is expected to last for more than several days, a Remote Work Agreement is used to create a common understanding of the terms of the arrangement.
In order to manage the impacts of Coronavirus, remote work may be employed on a temporary basis if formally requested and approved by the supervisor as part of a campus-wide authorized response.
If we talk about remote work then we can opt for Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, Cloud PBX System or Cloud Telephony for Business Remote work. These services can help in businesses during COVID-19. Because it has the option to stay home and work remotely at home and no need to stop your business or move anywhere for work.
If you are also thinking about remote work solution for your business then you can choose these services from CloudConnect Communications Pvt. Ltd. Because It has Cloud Telephony, Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Cloud PBX, etc. services for your business remote work.
What is Audio Conferencing
An Audio Conferencing is simply done when a meeting between several parties is held over the telephone instead of in person. Audio Conference is also known as Teleconference. All parties instigating the audio conference is recognized as the calling party and those joining the call are recognized as the participants.

The meeting can have two types of Objectives; these meetings are set up so that the calling party is either just a passive listener or can join in on the conversation.
Basically, Audio Conferencing System has three simple way of calling, where there are just three parties can be involved and this is generally a form of small business software used mainly by smaller companies and private individuals.
What is Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing is one of the latest technologies that allows users in different locations to hold face to face business meetings without having to move to a single location together. This is particularly convenient for business members in different cities or even different countries. After using this technology, business members can save their time, expenses and also hassle associated with business travel.

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