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Raybiztech adds Google Map widget in Kentico marketplace

2024-03-01 12:43:44 Technology


Raybiztech developers have created the Google Maps widget for Kentico 12 MVC and added it to the Kentico marketplace. The widget runs on Kentico 12.0.29 or beyond, and offers a significant location-based functionality to a product. It can be installed using the Google Map NuGet Package Manager. Kentico enables displaying maps on your website that help in locating offices, homes, and other locations of interest such as superstores.

Kentico allows us to modify the attributes of the Google Map element ? such as Longitude, Latitude, and Google API Key ? while adding the Map widget. The widget is activated by embedding Google Maps API token into the Application Settings for Google Maps. It offers advanced location-based features to the Kentico CMS application, to present a location-based perspective of all the offerings from the firm.

It is essential to fetch a Google Maps API key and add it to properties of the relevant web part, in order to use Google Maps with Kentico web parts. Raybiztech resources are skilled in deploying and consulting around the widgets. Clients are advised to ensure the volume of queries around Google Map service is manageable. The feature relies on IP-based query limits defined for Google Map service.

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About Raybiztech
Raybiztech is a CMMI Level 3 IT Services provider. Apart from the accustomed ERP, Mobility, and CRM tools, we have expertise in innovative and upcoming technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Raybiztech is proud to serve customers across several locations, with a team of resources that are capable of understanding client requirements from a diverse set of domains and verticals.

About Kentico
Kentico is a fully integrated ASP.NET CMS, eCommerce and Online Marketing platform that enables to create cutting-edge websites and optimizes digital customer experience across multiple channels. The Kentico 12 release in 2018 features an MVC Builder application for developing rich applications with minimal development and debugging efforts.

Company :-Ray Business Technologies Pvt, Ltd

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