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Scitron launches #TRYKAR campaign to push fitness freaks to try harder!

2022-07-02 04:01:33 Blogging & Social Media


28 February, Mumbai: Boosting health enthusiasts, athletes, runners and fitness freaks, the health supplement brand, Scitron recently launched its Social Media Campaign #TRYKAR. The unflinchingly intriguing campaign focuses on cutting away the inhibitions surrounding the pinnacle of physical strength and health. Boosting the morale of the fitness enthusiasts to try, try and try until they succeed, the brand is leveraging the usage of health supplements for bodybuilding and fitness.

Identifying the inhibitions of giving up when tired, the brand has introduced a Video Message identifying fitness enthusiasts, runners, athletesetc. and their constant struggle towards reaching their goals. Bringing together the best of science and technology to provide better nutrition and help people reach the peak of their fitness and health, Scitron is inspiring people to skip their doubts, ignore their excuses, fight through their challenges and try unconditionally to hit their body goals.

#TRYKAR is a unique campaign that encourages people to push themselves further, find new methods, motivate themselves and never stop trying for what they want! To connect with the community, the video features well-known fitness enthusiasts and athletes like Rajendran Mani, Kaushal Patel, Akshat Mathur, Poonam Bhatewara and Romel Shroff. With the campaign, the brand is initiating a conversation with its audience and fitness enthusiasts across the world that amounts for a much bigger message in life, that one can truly achieve everything if they just try harder.

Ravi Rohra, the CEO and Founder of Scitron shared, “#TRYKAR is a wave of encouragement to help people push further towards their fitness goals. We truly believe that one should drop their doubts, questions and failures to truly TRY – to achieve all their goals. And Scitron health and nutritional supplements are your support system in your journey.”

Spiraling through the Social Media platforms, the #TRYKAR campaign by Scitron urges audiences to engage with the brand, making #TRYKAR their own story by sharing their fitness moves on their social media profiles which the brand will then feature in its communication.

About Scitron
Scitron is India’s Trusted Health and Nutritional Supplements brand blending science and technology to provide better nutrition to everyone who wants to reach their body goals. Encompassing more than 20 years of combined experience in sports, nutrition and health, the brand is focused on delivering high-quality, distinctive products in the health and fitness sector. Dealing in Essential, Hydro, and Advanced Whey Proteins, workout accessories and other workout essentials – Scitron is building a healthier, fitter and a stronger world!

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