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Life Path Mentor, Marjorie Warkentin Releases Her Captivating Book About Navigating Along the Trails and Transitions of Life.

2024-03-02 01:11:25 Art & Entertainment


Abbotsford, BC, Canada, February 27, 2020: Life doesn?t come with a specific guidebook; we all feel like we are stumbling along our way at times through the trail of life without a map, flashlight or even a compass.

It is evident that at some point in life we will have to embrace change, whether good or bad. Learning how to navigate through the winding trail of uncertainty by learning to trust our own instincts is where the magic is. The simplicity of life is not for just the select, it?s for everyone and Warkentin takes you on the journey to self-discovery, view video.

Warkentin desires to create inspiration for women of all ages that are starting a new chapter in their life as she gives ideas how to embrace the changes that are thrown our way. Especially how to say YES with wisdom and confidence, when opportunity knocks.

Warkentin states, ?This sensory-filled book will have you travelling from a place of heavy obligation to a heart-centred life filled with lightness and love!?

By the end of the trail, you will be invited to follow your inner wisdom and be true to yourself; discover you no longer need to depend on external guidance when you come to a crossroads; and see it?s possible to live a life filled with love and grace. And it all starts by saying ?yes?!

One of Warkentin?s many enthusiastic readers, Amy Biondini, states her reflection from reading ?Saying Yes to Life?; ?A beautiful and gentle exploration of the terrain of life, in all its glory. Marjorie invites us into her rich-lived experience and generously shares her reflections, realizations and reframes with us so we too may learn. She masterfully encourages us to explore some of the tougher terrains of life with the compassion and ease of a good friend who?s on our side. As we witness her brave adventure into a whole new world, we are filled with the certainty that we too, can trust the trail of life with all its twists and turns.?

Warkentin is avidly known for her women?s retreats, events and life path mentorship. She is now happy to add published author to her list of accomplishments in hopes of guiding more women to finding their way.

The Book, ?Saying Yes to Life: Embracing the Magic and Messiness of the Journey? is now available for purchase on Amazon.


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