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COAI hosted 3GPP and GCF meetings on global telecom standards and device certifications

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New Delhi, 22nd January 2020: COAI along with Indian Friends of 3GPP (IF3) hosted the meetings of working groups of 3GPP and Global Certification Forum (GCF) in Hyderabad during 13th January to 17th January 2020. These meetings provide a good platform and exposure to Indian Government officials, academia and other key stakeholders in India to participate in the discussions on development of global telecom standards and certification requirements for the deployment of 5G globally. COAI along with IF3 and the 5G India Forum (5GIF) are playing a key role and putting significant efforts in bringing global standards discussions to India.

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) unites seven telecommunications standard development organizations across the world and provides the associated organization with a stable environment to produce the Reports and Specifications that define 3GPP technologies. This project covers cellular telecommunications technologies, including radio access, core network and service capabilities, which provide a complete system description for mobile telecommunications. 3GPP has been diligently working for the development of 5G standards to enable the ecosystem to grow in tune with market demands of 5G services deployments taking place rapidly.

During the meeting of 3GPP Specification Group (SA6) in Hyderabad, technical specifications and standards pertaining to various applications related to critical communications (e.g. mission critical applications) and related verticals e.g. railways were discussed and reviewed. Major areas of focus were Mission critical service support system over 5G systems, enhancement for mission critical services and related support to the future 5G networks. Mission-critical communication networks are systems built and designed to guarantee robust, fail-safe and secure communications for use by first responders in case of public emergencies. Delegates from more than 40 companies across the world were part of the meeting. Senior officials from Department of Telecommunications and Indian Railways along with academia also attended the meeting.

In other meetings hosted by COAI for the GCF in Hyderabad, the focus was around progressing test cases for 5G, 5G New Radio (NR), Internet of Things (IoT) and MCX certifications. These meetings were also attended by the delegates from more than 40 device manufacturers, testing laboratories across the globe along with senior Government officials from Department of Telecommunications.

The Indian operators and domestic manufacturing companies benefited by participating in the development of these standards. These standards will be incorporated in Indian Telecom networks.

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