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Art Lovers From Around the World at the Grand Opening of AK Galerie in Berlin

2024-07-14 11:48:16 Design


Anna Kimmerle has opened an art gallery in Berlin, Germany. Along with the opening of The AK Galerie, she also launched an online art store

BERLIN - Anna Kimmerle, a clinical psychology graduate, marks her debut in Germany by opening AK Galerie Berlin along with its International Online Art Store At the AK Galerie, she was also featuring her sister artist Barbara Kimmerle, who gave her Berlin debut after years of successful exhibitions in Paris, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, and many other major art centers around the world.

The opening ceremony of the AK Galerie Berlin has been held on November 23, 2019, in the heart of the Berlin city. Anna Kimmerle, the gallery owner, explained, the opening event was very successful, and attended by hundreds of visitors who came from all over the world. The event was showcasing her sister?s artworks Barbara Kimmerle who is the jewel and the soul of the gallery. Barbara is the older sister of the gallery?s owner, who inspired her younger sister to start the whole art project by encouraging her passion for art. Her style of the arts is one of a kind. Kimmerle?s figurative painting style mixed with artistic typography is absolutely unique and widely recognizable as something of its own kind.

?Barbara Kimmerle is a groundbreaking painting artist with a look at the world from a unique perspective that was never seen before.? said art critics and experts, who were present at the opening event.

The AK Galerie online store dedicated to art lovers all over the world. Almost every original artwork in the gallery?s catalog can be ordered as original or custom art print on individual inquiry.

The AK Galerie owner added, ?The main purpose of the gallery is intended to fill an underserved niche in the world of art. AK Galerie also possesses original artworks of established old masters like Fritz Halberg-Krauss, Otto Dix, Alt Otmar, Paul Weber, Amanda Lear, and Patrick Raynaud.?

About the artist

Barbara Kimmerle was born in 1972. In 1995, she graduated from Blocherer School (graphic and design) and is the older sister of AK Galerie owner Anna Kimmerle. She had worked as a typography & calligraphy artist, video artist, logo & website designer, and commissioned artist.

Beside her current art show at AK Galerie in Berlin, she also had held numerous successful painting exhibitions, including in Malaysia, Paris, Istanbul, and Buenos Aires.

About Anna Kimmerle

Anna Kimmerle is the founder of AK Galerie, Berlin, Germany. She is a clinical psychology graduate, and she was always interested in human minds and subjective behavior. Her long life passion for contemporary art and a general curiosity for individual expressions, influenced her to become a gallerist. She is convinced that art does not always have to please but to move a soul. She aims to shake the art world and extend people's experiences. The gallery focuses on extraordinary art and is influenced by the power and history of its building.

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