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Doctors and researchers anticipate The "Cobalt Lung" Cancer Caused By Vaping is just the beginning

2020-09-18 06:20:00 Health and Fitness


What if I tell you that vaping marijuana can bring major health complications, especially to the lungs?

Recently the story of a 49-year-old dog walker, originally from California, was known for a medical visit because she had a cough and had discomfort in her throat. Nothing weird up there. In principle, the woman commented that she was a habitual smoker of marijuana.

To her surprise, doctors diagnosed her with a very particular disease called hard-metal pneumoconiosis or "cobalt lung". A disease that affects the lungs, but in people who are exposed to metals such as cobalt.

But what is Pneumococcus or Cobalt Lung Actually?
It is a series of lung diseases, produced by inhaling metal dust and the deposition of residues from it, both in the lymph nodes, bronchi, and lungs. It is particularly known as the case of asbestosis - generated by asbestos dust - or silicosis , produced by tiny silica particles.

These types of lung diseases are very common in miners, diamond polishers, who polish with metal tools, sawmills and dental laboratory technicians who, in general, use drill bits or other materials with tungsten cobalt.

Exposure to metal dust can cause the activation of many inflammatory cells in the lungs that can cause scarring and some chronic conditions.

So why was this patient, who had no contact with the aforementioned materials, developed cobalt lung? According to the researchers, everything indicates that it was because of her cannabis vape.

The “Vaping Pen Research”
The case study of this woman, concluded in a report published in the European Respiratory Journal a few weeks ago, on December 5, to be more exact.

One of the study's authors, Dr. Kirk Jones (pathologist at the University of California, San Francisco) added, "The only reason we could recognize the disease was that it has a rather unusual appearance under the microscope".

Subsequently, both the e-cigarette and the e-liquid were sent for analysis. Amazed the researchers discovered a significant amount of cobalt, aluminum, lead, nickel, manganese, and chromium.

In turn, it is not yet clear how cobalt was introduced into the e-liquid. One of the theories is that the metal has been introduced into the liquid substance at some point during the manufacturing process.

The Cobalt Lung Patient Condition
The lung tissue of patients suffering from this type of disease is characterized by presenting nodules, as a result of the sedimentation of macrophages, immune cells that in turn are loaded with dust. On the other hand, this defensive procedure, together with the nodules, leaves scars that can be observed without major problems, on a chest plate, or more specifically, through a microscope.

This is not the first time that some harmful substances are found in the emissions of vapers, e-cigarettes or others. A custom that became viral due to the suppression of nicotine or other harmful components typical of classic cigarettes. It is very common to see people vaping everywhere, including athletes, professional NBA players, among many others, make indiscriminate use of this type of gadgets.

Other Suggestions
A 2018 study says that heavy metals are released and filtered through vape coils and not cartridges containing liquid.

Currently, due to the cases of death that were demonstrated by the use of e-cigarettes, there are several studies and evidence that these types of devices contain toxic metals and potentially cancer-provoking.

Final Recommendations
While vaping is a fad that, in particular, younger people have adopted in recent years, now they are discovering the diseases they cause, especially if vapers are made with cheap materials or do not have the appropriate certifications.

Currently, people are becoming aware of this silent predator that has already claimed several lives. It is not advisable to change classic tobacco cigarettes - if you want to quit smoking - for electronic cigarettes.

On the contrary, if you want to quit smoking, find something that takes up that time. Maybe check out and invest in the latest sports results instead? If you wage responsibly, it can actually bring profit.

Play sports, get together with other people, change habits to improve your health. We have enough with global pollution to contaminate ourselves, causing us some damage, in many cases irreversible. Do you have any other tactics to quit smoking?


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