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Find Out More about Metered and Unmetered Dedicated Servers

2023-05-29 04:48:20 Technology


When looking for a hosting service, you'll often have a variety of options and that is when you have to think of picking just one out of metered and unmetered dedicated or VPS servers. Here's what you should know to make the right decision.

Understanding the Difference

You can always opt for a virtual private server, although sometimes, a dedicated server will be a better choice. Learning the difference between the two will help make your decision a tad easier.

● Metered Dedicated Servers: A metered dedicated server gets a set amount of bandwidth on a monthly basis. It is usually measured in TB. It is like using a data plan for your phone service. You can always use more data than you're assigned, but the additional usage will incur extra charges, which can be quite exorbitant in most cases.
●Unmetered Dedicated Servers: As implied by the name, this is the exact opposite of the metered servers and the plans you get don't have an upper limit cap. You won't get a specific amount of bandwidth, but you will get a specific port size. With that dedicated port, you don't need to worry about how much data you use each month. You can easily find companies that offer dedicated unmetered ports ranging from 1GBps to 20GBps – you can get more details at JavaPipe !

Why Opt for Unmetered Dedicated Server?

If you're just a startup business, you usually don't need to worry about exceeding whatever bandwidth you get. However, if you're a large organization or planning to expand in the near future, it makes sense to invest in an unmetered VPS or unmetered dedicated server to cater to your unique data needs.

When you're always focused on your core business activities, and trying ways to grow your audience and customer base, you should be the least concerned about your bandwidth and website downtime. This is when you may want to put your money on an unmetered dedicated server. It will ensure you don't experience your site crashing violently while your business is growing by the day. Having an unmetered server from the word go will save you from other issues down the road. For instance, when your website starts getting more visitors. If this causes you to exceed the bandwidth you've signed up for it may prove extremely costly.

With an unmetered dedicated server, you also get the right hardware to deal with ever-growing business needs. You never know when your marketing plan hits the jackpot, skyrocketing your sales. Having unlimited bandwidth ready will prove handy. Moreover, an unmetered dedicated or even VPS will be beneficial if you're using involves live streaming, VPN hosting , IPTV, file distribution, online storage or gaming.


Making the right choice of server is a big decision. It can mean the difference between online success and failure. Just be sure to consider your needs and then decide whether you need an unmetered server or you can manage without it.

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