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ArchChat launches the first-ever communication & collaboration platform for architecture & interior projects

2024-06-13 07:37:08 Design


New Delhi, 2nd December 2019: ArchChat Pte. Limited, a Singapore headquartered company launches the first-ever communication & collaboration platform for architecture, interior, and construction projects.

Today, communication delays and gaps are responsible for project delays. Almost all small to medium project communication happens over messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, WeChat and email. This results in information becoming scattered across messaging groups and emails, making it difficult to track communication and progress. Furthermore, on messaging platforms communication within project groups isn?t private. This leads to delays in communication and the decision-making process. Much has happened in the digital arena, yet little has been done to streamline architecture and interior project communication. Projects worth billions of dollars still get delayed resulting in losses for project stakeholders and the nations? economy.

ArchChat brings distinct project collaborators like project owners, architects, interior designers, various engineering consultants, contractors, and product sellers on a single platform to collaborate on live projects. While working on projects, individuals in a collaborator?s internal team can simultaneously collaborate with other teams and each other. All project communication amongst collaborators is private. It can be tracked separately for each space, drawing, design, and product. ArchChat being a global platform lets collaborators write messages in their language and delivers them to another collaborator in his/her language. This eases communication between people who speak different languages. ArchChat is more than a chat platform; ArchChat is the only marketing platform where product sellers get inbound business leads and become part of the collaborative process. ArchChat also has a flavour of social media. Design professionals publish their projects and designs on ArchChat bringing them to the attention of the global design community and project owners. They can also publish services to work with new collaborators.

Speaking about ArchChat, its inventor and founder Mr Chetan K. Singh said, ?Working on projects is chaotic. Collaborators face crisis after crisis. Everyone works in a constant state of urgency. While managing my design practice, I too faced this problem and after much innovation found a solution. I created iSticker as an internal team collaboration platform. To emphasise that this platform was meant for the architecture and design industry, I changed its name from iSticker to ArchChat. I have made collaboration on small to medium-sized projects easy by providing ArchChat for free to design professionals and project owners. I?m excited to share that internationally ArchChat has received an overwhelming response. I foresee it becoming the largest global platform for architecture and interior project collaboration.?

Company :-Media Mantra

User :- Anamika Dey


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