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Australia’s Leading OMS Now Makes Handling Orders Simple and Straightforward for Wholesale Suppliers

2020-07-06 01:20:21 Business


November 19, 2019: For wholesalers, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of and deliver orders to their clients across various industries. OrderTron offers a solution in the form of their top of the line Order Management System (OMS) software.

The OMS help catalogue and display products, the total inventory and stock, fixes standing orders and quantities so that retailers can, without hassle, repeat and re-order at regular intervals.

This helps wholesale businesses, such as food suppliers, manage their clients such as food businesses, restaurants and cafeterias who need a certain set quantity at set times. Seeing how much quantity is in stock not only helps sellers gauge what’s needed of them, it also combats the issue of overstocking and understocking.

An OMS like OrderTron is incredibly beneficial to businesses at various points in the supply chain, centralizing operations and helping wholesalers keep the appropriate buffer stock. This, in turn, helps regulate the prices they offer their retailer clients, holding an edge over competitors.

Through the application, wholesalers can easily manage their incoming orders, communicate with customers and schedule deliveries upon quick confirmation. There’s no need for middlemen or the hassle of communicating with and storing client information—everything is in one place.

The increase in efficiency also allows for greater room to take on more clients and expand operations, allowing wholesalers access to a greater market. The benefits of OrderTron translate through sales and returns, greater profitability and accuracy in their own dealings.
It eradicates the need to overstock on supplies, tracking the business’s own inventory as well as tracking sales and deliveries, giving a clear picture of the business’s progress. At a managerial level, this helps to strategize and plan for the future trajectory for the wholesale business using OrderTron.

At a tech conference, a representative from the company said, “OrderTron brings an innovative approach to an otherwise mismanaged process that can end up costing wholesalers a lot in terms of their stock, sales and business operations. We bridge the gap between retailers and suppliers, our focus being on the latter. The need for an efficient and effective OMS is more important than ever in an age of digitization and entrepreneurship.

“We hope to empower wholesalers operating at various scales, whether they’re new to their respective industry, or have been around for decades. The practicality of OrderTron is useful to suppliers across several different industries, helping businesses run their operations a lot smoother and thus see greater returns for their business.”

OrderTron is dedicated to helping wholesalers in different industries not only manage their own businesses better, but to see tangible growth and expansion. Through the use of an OMS such as this, even small business owners can operate at par with larger competitors, opening the market significantly. To learn more about the company, visit their website or contact them using the details below.

About OrderTron

OrderTron is an Order Management System designed to help small businesses in certain industries meet the needs of their retail customers.Contact


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