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hIoTron Introduces a Guide on IoT Protocols a Developer Should Know

2020-07-09 01:38:05 Technology


VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, November 14, 2019: hIOTron introduces a guide on important IoT Protocols a developer should know which will help them to judge which is the best. We have divided IoT Protocols into two basic types: IoT Network Protocols and IoT Data Protocols. Before choosing your desired protocol you should know the range, bandwidth, power consumptions and node of the protocols. Here, we have categorized some of the best IoT protocols


One of the most widely used wireless technologies of short-range is Bluetooth. The recently initiated Bluetooth protocol among the IoT protocols is BLE or Bluetooth Low-Energy protocol.


For IoT integration, WiFi is a recommended choice according to many electronic designers. The widespread WiFi standard 802.11 introduces you to the capacity to transfer hundreds of megabits in only one second.


Among the internet of things protocols, ZigBee is outlined more for the industrials and less for the consumers. It normally operates at a frequency of 2.4GHz. This is ideal for the industrial sites where data is mainly transferred over small rates amongst home or a building.

Symphony Link

Symphony Link, with its Fixed MTU of 256 bytes, is considered to be a revolutionary wireless system suitable for wide-area IoT networks. Hence, it is ideally used for enterprise and industrial customers who require a highly secure connection to the cloud.


These IoT applications can take the support of Cellular communication abilities like GSM/3G/4G. Cellular is one of the IoT Communication Protocols which can send a high amount of data.


Sigfox is known as one of the best alternative technologies which carry the attributes of both Cellular and WiFi. By taking the help of UNB or Ultra Narrow Band, Sigfox can leverage speeds of 10 to 1000 bits per second for shifting low-data. It only absorbs 50 microwatts of power.


The Radio Frequency Identification of RFID works with the support of wireless technology. The short-ranged Radio Frequency reorganization is around 10 cm. But the long-range Radio Frequency can go up to 200 mm.


The concept of Neul is similar to that of Sigfox and works in the sub-1GHz band. Neul makes use of very small slices of the TV White Space spectrum to convey highly scalable, wider coverage networks.


LoRa is a Long Range Wireless Protocol for wireless battery utilized IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) devices on a regional, national and global network. The data rates can vary from 0.3kbps to 50 kbps.
Understanding the IoT communication protocols would help to hold the advantages offered by them, allowing you to create a great product in the long run for long-distance IoT applications.


To know more about IoT Protocols a developer should know:

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