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Newsletter Design Tips To Boost Your Email Marketing Results

2021-09-24 12:41:40 Blogging & Social Media


Most businesses are aware of the fact that they should use newsletters to encourage their subscribers to buy more, but they don't know how to design it perfectly. Here are a few pointers to help you move in the right direction.

Mobile Phone Layouts

According to research, people own and use more mobile devices and smartphones than laptops and PCs these days.

Due to this mobile approach, even in business, newsletter designs and email templates are becoming more customized following mobile screen layouts.

To begin, ensure uniformity and have your document available and viewed by as larger audience as possible, use single columns and larger fonts.

Less is more in Designing

To keep your readers engaged through the entire message, be sure to use simple, curt language to make your message easily digestible and therefore, quickly understandable.
As with any other written document you will need to start your newsletter from a draft that includes the most important points and design elements. Working towards a final draft add further details and work on the formatting.

Comprehensive and interactive text

Instead of long convulsing stories, be as concise as possible, but make sure all points are covered. Digital readers prefer text in short bursts with short sentences and regular paragraphing with content relevant subheadings.

There are multiples of people receiving newsletters each day but very few are read through in their entirety. You need a hook. Think carefully about what will make your newsletter stand out amongst those unread, unsubscribed ones. Obviously those with relatable content, valuable information and summarized newsletters are the most attention-grabbing. Be sure you are matching your newsletter content to your intended audience.

Information needs Design

A good newsletter design creates an immediate visual impact which motivates the reader to read on. Images are popularly used, but so are the contrasting shapes and design features of logos. Another trick is to use a strikingly visual font in a short concise title that uses word play such a pun. It’s best to not overdo the use of colored fonts. Save them and for high lighting for extra special news items.

How you lay out your information is important too. Since the chances are slim that someone will read all your newsletter, the most important points should come first. The font needs to be clear and stay out for ease of reading and be uncluttered by the backgrounds. A muted color background, such as light blue, light green or beige is more than acceptable can for some people adds to the texts overall readability.

Space is crucial

Although you need to avoid large blank spaces, it is not a good idea to overstuff your newsletter. If you need to convey further information, consider adding links at the end. You must be succinct with your prose for understanding but a dense text puts off many readers. Experiment with your line spacing. Like Goldilocks, the distance between lines of text as to be just right, not too close together or too far apart.

Just keep these design tips in mind and you will be in a much better position to create newsletters your subscribers won't be able to resist.


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