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Smart Whip – An Innovative Whipped Cream Charger by Totally Charged

2020-07-09 05:06:18 Business


The steel cylinder, filled with nitrous oxide (N2O), also popularly known as whip cream charger, is one of the most commonly used devices for developing whipped cream by walloping. It creates cream by beating the fine air bubbles into the cream. While we used to manually do this some years back; now there are technically advanced smart whipped cream chargers are available in the market. Smart Whip, created by the London-based Totally Charged LTD is a cutting-edge, productive, and innovative whip cream charger; serving to the same purpose but in a completely new, smart, and innovative manner.

Work More Efficiently With Smart Whip

Smart Whip is designed and developed by Totally Charged LTD; which is an old player in this field. They hold years of experience and expertise in this specific domain of business; with specialization in developing items with fresh features and state-of-the-art technology. The new and innovative Smart Whip works as an ultra-efficient, effective, and quality ship cream charger; specially designed to hold larger amounts of Nitrous oxide. It ensures a time-saving refill process. With our Smart Whip, you can replace your old and redundant whipped cream chargers as well as the old-style whisk and the manual piping bags!

With Smart Whip, you’re assured of the highest standards of efficiency, durability, safety, and quality. The device is specially designed to ensure users' ease of use. In compared to the old-style piping bags and whip cream chargers; our smart charger allows you to accomplish works in the kitchen at a much faster pace; thus lessening the annoyances and risks of service delays. The best part of this device is that it is diverse in nature. You can use it to prepare a range of unique and delightful desserts, dishes, sauces, and beverages.

About Us

At Totally Charged LTD, we carry a broad range of items and accessories for all of your catering requirements. We are a London-based manufacturing unit, specializing in catering items and accessories. All of our products are designed and manufactured by adhering to the highest quality standards. Without compromise on quality; we, the team of Totally Charged offer our customers the best-in-class and highest quality accessories at the most affordable price ranges. To get the most cost-effective deals; browse our website! You also can pay a visit to our London-based showroom for real-life experiences. Complete address details are mentioned below!

Company :-Totally Charged

User :- Tim Nagy


Phone :-+44800646646

Url :-


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