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BUSINESS-INFORM Declared the Winners of ‘Open Quality Printing Contest’

2020-10-04 03:08:39 Technology


Zhuhai, October 18, 2019. – Information Agency “Business-Inform” (Russia) declared the winning brands of ‘Open Quality Printing Contest’ (Stage 1: Evaluation of Prints Quality). The following brands are declared winners: Dataproducts (Clover, USA), G&G (NineStar, China), Retech (Retech Tech., China), Tonex (Tonex, Russia).

The first stage of the ‘Open Quality Printing Contest’, dedicated to evaluation of the quality of prints done with the use of compatible cartridges was organized and performed by the Russian Information Agency “Business-Inform” during the period between July 01 and September 30, 2019. Accepted for participation were prints made using both remanufactured and/or new compatible cartridges. The evaluation of quality has been performed according to the Russian method of standardized testing LEM 1.01.19, certified in Russia (registration # ???? RU. 32155.04???0) and recommended by AQCMS (The Association of Quality Cartridge Manufacturers and Suppliers) for performing comparative research on Russian territory.
37 brands took part in the First Stage of the contest. Each brand presented prints for testing which were done using 10 cartridges for laser printing considered to be the most popular in Russia (3 prints for each cartridge, 30 prints total for each brand). After performing the expertise 16 nominee-brands have been chosen (criterion – minimal general amount of defects in the set of prints presented). The nominees of the First Stage were: MSE, Dataproducts, freecolor, Static Control, Kodak, Integral, G&G, Retech, Solnce, HYB, Cactus, Profiline, UniTon, Hi-Black, 7Q, Tonex.
The additional expertise of prints presented by the nominee-brands has allowed us to determine the winners of the First Stage of ‘Open Quality Printing Contest’ (criterion – the number of prints presented by a brand with zero defects detected). The winners have been: Dataproducts (Clover, USA), G&G (NineStar, China), Retech (Retech Tech., China), Tonex (Tonex, Russia).
On October 18, 2019, during RemaxWorld Summit 2019 conference (China, Zhuhai) there took place a ceremony of awarding winners and nominees of the ‘Open Quality Printing Contest’. The nominees were awarded with Diplomas, and winners with Winner-Prizes and Diplomas.
Right after the ceremony of awarding the First Stage winners and nominees the Organizer of the Contest, the Russian Information Agency “Business-Inform” announced the beginning of the Second Stage of the Contest. This stage is going to be dedicated to evaluating all aspects of cartridge printing quality taking into consideration the resource and the dynamics of the quality of prints made by this cartridge (from the first to the last). The expertise will be performed according to the Russian method of standardized testing, LEM 2.01.19, certified in Russia (registration # ???? RU. 32155.04???0). The object of the study during the second stage is set to be HP CF226X cartridge. The winners and nominees of the First Stage are invited to take part as well as any other brands (on pay terms).
The organizers of the Second Stage of the International ‘Open Quality Printing Contest’ are paying attention of the participants to the fact that it is the Russian method of testing LEM 2.01.19 has been certified in Russia and is being basic and the only legal method for certifying new compatible laser cartridges for the quality mark of operational office printing LEM.

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