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What Are The Benefits Of Timber Floorboards

2021-01-27 04:03:28 Home and Family


There is an undeniable sophistication that a timber floor brings to the house. It makes a home more welcoming and feels naturally warmer to live. This is especially true with Australian timber floorboards, which offer a wide range of colours. They have innate characteristics that are not seen in other types of timber, with species ranging from Tasmanian Oak and Black Butt to Jarrah and Spotted Gum.

But aside from the beautiful appearance and vibes it exudes, excellent quality of timber flooring also offers many benefits. These advantages are major reasons why it is nice to consider timber floorboards as part of your house's flooring or when you are renovating the floors of your house. But for your convenience, here are the many benefits of timber flooring.

Durability and Longevity
Timber flooring is more durable than other flooring options. Its toughness makes it last for more than a century, and it can be used for other purposes too. In addition to durability and longevity, timber flooring is easy to clean. Carpet floors have a short lifespan, and they have the tendency to trap dirt, which makes it difficult to clean.

Compared to other flooring products, timber flooring is a more practical option, especially when it comes to its maintenance. As previously stated, it is relatively easy-to-clean timber floors. You only need an anti-static mop to collect dirt, dust, and grit every week, as well as a damp mop to clean the floor with mist water every month. You can also use a cleaning product that does not damage the beauty of timber floors. And if possible, do not use steam mops and wet mops to prevent the floor surface coating from looking lifeless.

Outstanding Aesthetics
This is one of the outstanding characteristics of timber flooring. Timber floors are shiny, and they exude a natural warmth and calmness. They help create a comfortable atmosphere and a relaxing vibe as you enter the house. It looks so neat and inviting that you don't want to leave your abode unattended. Moreover, timber floors have impressive acoustic properties, which mean they neither have hollow sounds nor produce any vibrations.

If you care for the environment, then timber flooring is something you'd want for your home. Timber floors or floorboards are environment-friendly. They are energy-efficient and consume less energy during their production. Most Australian timber floorings are sustainable since they are produced from timber coming from well-managed Australian forest lands.

Better Quality of Air
This is in connection with environment-friendliness. But how does having timber flooring help in making air quality better? Well, it goes way back to its production.

Timber products can store carbon for a lifetime. When forests and trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they alleviate climate change. With that in mind, the carbon emissions during the production of timber are less than two tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. It means that if there are lesser carbon emissions, then we have cleaner air to breathe.

Meanwhile, the carbon emissions for ceramic tile production equate to five tonnes, 11 tonnes for steel frames, and they can go up to 12 tonnes for concrete production. Furthermore, when you dispose of timber products, they break down naturally unlike carpet, tiles, or vinyl.

Increases Home Value
Since timber floors last a long time, they can retain their beauty as well. If the timber flooring is properly installed, then there is no need to spend on replacing the floor. It helps increase the value of the house as well as provides life and a touch of uniqueness.

Now that you know the benefits of timber floors, have you thought about redecorating your house with timber floors or floorboards? If you have decided to change your floors, then we are ready to help. We have the necessary materials to work and install your timber flooring, and we are ready to serve our Australian homeowners. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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