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OBEETEE, the Indian heritage brand of hand-woven carpets, forays into retails space in India

2024-03-02 03:02:53 Business


New Delhi, Wednesday, 16th October 2019: OBEETEE, the largest handmade rug maker in India and one of the oldest hand-woven rug companies in the world, opens its first retail studio in Sultanpur Delhi.The genesis of OBEETEE dates back to 1920 in a small town called Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

A dynamic, creative and ethical company, OBEETEE is driven by design excellence, quality craftsmanship and process innovation throughout its network of 25,000+ independent weavers and its almost 100 year history. Headquartered in India, with design studios and showrooms in New York and Delhi, OBEETEE has one of the largest and most modern rug manufacturing facilities in the world - featuring the rug industry?s first large-scale water recycling plant - and was the first rug company to be recognized with the Social Accountability System Certificate.

A world leader in handmade carpets, OBEETEE works on the philosophy of sustainable future and inclusive growth for everybody associated with it. OBEETEE has strong manufacturing processes, design studios and trained artisans in the fine art of carpet weaving. Each artisan can create upto 9000 knots a day. Hand knotted qualities range from 15 knots to 300 knots a square inch which can take up to 18 months to make. It takes six to ten years to master hand knot weaving.

Speaking on opening the first studio in Delhi Mr. Rudra Chatterjee, Chairman OBEETEE said, ?OBEETEE has always worked towards preserving the art of weaving in the country. With the launch of our first store, we want our rugs to echo and reflect our countries diverse design sensibilities to Indian markets as well. Over the years, OBEETEE as an Indian brand has brought to the forefront the skill of the artisans via the unique designs and patterns weaved in our carpets.?

About the OBEETEE Studio: The studio is a manifestation of a bungalow in Mirzapur - the place where it all began. The heritage that it imbibes is still prevalent in its architecture and culture. The subtle monochromatic light distressed look creates the right ambience to enhance and show the rich characteristics of each carpet on display without superfluous distractions. To achieve this, the walls have been applied in micro-cement and sanded down for a distressed effect. The space created bespeaks of purity and quality that the carpets carry with it. The wear and tear that a carpet goes through only adds to its patina, and that has been beautifully captured in the showroom design as well. The walls have been highlighted at places with distressed motifs and gold leafing. Further, the gold leafing has been artistically placed over marble and gold chips ceiling reminding us of the heritage OBEETEE embraces. Along with the display and retail area, there is also a studio space, where designers can spend time for creative outputs. Complementing the space is a series of uniquely crafted collections which includes ?Proud To Be Indian? by ace designers TarunTahiliani and Abraham &Thakore, a movement that knots together historic weaving process with quintessential Indian designs.

The product range available at OBEETEE store will be Fine-hand knotted carpets, Indian- Tibetian, Hand- Tufted, Gabbehs, Flat woven Killims and Dhurries, along with Proud to be Indian collection.

Adding further on the store launch Angelique Dhama, Spokesperson & Chief Marketing Officer said, ?OBEETEE store reflects the legacy of brand as well as the Indian artwork in the most unique and different manner. The OBEETEE store has provided us with a space where we can show the quality of our products and highlight the intricacies of the art of weaving via the carpet designs. We are really excited to launch our first retail store in India. Further along with the display and retail area, there is also a studio space, where designers can spend time for creative outputs?


OBEETEE is one of the largest handmade rug makers in India and one of the oldest hand-woven rug companies in the world. OBEETEE?s outstanding quality and reputation have earned the interest of many famous and notable people. It was founded by Oakley Bowden & Taylor in 1920. OBEETEE has the greatest in-house capabilities of any rug-maker in India, thanks to their modern dyeing plant and inspired design department. The OBEETEE colour bank holds over 4,000 colour-fast shades of wool. The designers at OBEETEE constantly study new textures and fresh combinations, to ensure the production of the finest quality rugs available in India.. OBEETEE is the first company to receive the coveted SA 8000:2001 certification for Social Accountability and adheres to strict standards in every area of conduct-from working hours and collective bargaining to workers? safety and health. The company strongly supports children education, access to sanitation, women?s economic empowerment in the villages where it operates.

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