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Kiehl’s Introduces Midnight Recovery Concentrate

2020-02-24 05:58:20 Lifestyle


New Delhi: Kiehl’s Since 1851, the venerable New York-based purveyor of fine quality skin and hair care formulations, is proud to introduce Midnight Recovery Concentrate. A powerful concentration, it was specifically formulated to biologically replicate skin’s natural lipids for optimal skin repair during the night. This potent elixir is 99% naturally-derived and paraben-free.

During the day skin’s function is to protect itself against internal and external aggressors. At night it needs to regenerate, repair and replenish what is has lost as a result of daily stresses. Kiehl’s chemists developed a powerhouse blend of active botanical and essential oils that work all night to replenish lipids for a fresher and more radiant appearance by morning.

After two years of research on the repair activity of essential and botanical oils, Kiehl’s developed this anhydrous (“water-free”) concentration of Squalane, night-blooming Evening Primrose and essential oils including therapeutic Lavender. The formulation also contains Coriander and Rose Hip Seed Oils, which when combined, provides a complete blend of Omegas (Omega 3, 6 and 9). Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids have a restructuring benefit which reinforces the cutaneous barrier, therefore keeping the epidermis hydrated.

This formulation boosts the repair and regeneration of skin when it is naturally programmed to best absorb active ingredients, typically between Midnight to 4 a.m. There are two main factors that contribute to this highly receptive period:

During the night, the skin’s metabolism of nutrition is at a maximum rate due to the circadian rhythm of the body. Sometimes called the “Human Clock,” a circadian rhythm is roughly a 24-hour cycle in the biochemical, physiological or behavioral processes of living things. Research done on the skin shows that it also has specific rhythms, which differ during the day and the night. During the day, the skin is focusing on protection - the sebum secretion rate increases while the skin has a low metabolism. At night skin is repairing itself from daily damage and activity reaches its maximum - the blood flow increases, the skin absorption of actives rate and cell turnover is at its peak.

While we sleep, the skin is most amenable to rejuvenation and recovery as there are few environmental stressors that detract from its healing process.

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