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Political Conspiracy Exposed in New Book from NEB Publishing, The John Fresolo Saga

2024-06-18 03:25:40 Government


Longtime Massachusetts political consultant and pollster, Richard F. Wright, reveals in his new book, The John Fresolo Saga, how Massachusetts House Leadership took advantage of a young, na?ve statehouse staffer seeking a promotion to bring down the despised non-conformist State Representative John Fresolo.

Worcester, MA., October 4, 2019 -- A two-year investigation by Author Richard F. Wright reveals that top government officials in the Massachusetts State House conspired to pressure State Representative John Fresolo to resign using a kangaroo-court investigation that featured witnesses lying under oath, confused and contradictory evidence and denial of the right of the accused to cross-examine witnesses.

Wright conducted hundreds of hours of face to face interviews with the people who were there, and he exposes that the vague and salacious allegations against Fresolo by his office aide were false and that State House leadership maneuvered the complainant into making the charges in a conspiracy to pressure popular eight-term Fresolo to resign his seat.

Under questioning by the ethics committee, the complainant broke down and started crying when asked why she hadn't gone to the Representative and told him what she had found on his computer instead of filing charges. It turned out, and even she agreed, that she was wrong about the Representative placing lewd material on the statehouse computer. But, now that the investigation was started she had added a dozen additional charges at the urging of the legal office and others to justify the high-intensity investigation underway.

Wright reveals that when the State?s case was collapsing, House Leadership conspired to blindside Fresolo with materials, unrelated to the original allegations; not taken under oath or during the hearings, to blackmail him into resigning. After the hearings concluded and a tentative resolution was under discussion, the committee suddenly admitted additional exhibits which had nothing to do with the existing 13 allegations against Fresolo. They were simply introduced so that they could become public when and if the committee sent the findings on to the ethics commission. Fresolo couldn't face humiliating the innocent people who would be dragged into the case if it became public.

Fresolo had just won his eighth term as State Representative in the 16th Worcester District, running unopposed due to his popularity in the gritty eastside neighborhoods of Worcester, Mass. Since being pressured to resign, Fresolo has not been able to find work due to his name being toxic on the Internet.

NEB Publishing is based in Jefferson, Massachusetts. Contact Richard F. Wright at, or 508-210-0295. Internet:

Richard Francis Wright
NEB Publishing
31 Country Hill Rd,
Jefferson, MA 01522

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