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Daivam Wellness to Help People Fight Depression& Return to Health

2019-10-20 03:35:12 Health and Fitness


New Delhi: The colour of depression is perceived to be black, however, if we pay close attention it is indeed “Magical”. Black not only holds all the other colours in itself but also gives endless possibilities and hopes for a better and brighter tomorrow. The mind well-being program launched by Daivam Wellness is all about changing perspective and helping people see a bright future even in the darkest of times. The campaign throws light on how people should discard the self perpetuating pattern of negative thoughts. The objective of the campaign is to empower people and make them Pause, Reflect, Relive and ‘Turn their Magic On’.

With their team of doctors, psychologists, psychoneuroimmunotherapy consultants & mind well-being experts, Daivam launched a unique program called ‘TURN YOUR MAGIC ON’. As the program rolls in, it aims at reaching out to one million Indians. Thecampaign is live on all the social media platforms, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness among people and help them get over their depression.

““Depression or anxiety is an established medical condition that needs to be addressed with protocol-driven diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities. However, when we talk about mental health, the chances of relapse are high, and to avoid this we need to go beyond conventional medication. This is where Daivam stands out, we treat our patients with functional medicine, that goes one step further to unearth the root of the problem and treats it completely.” Says Dr. Priyamvada Dua, Consultant-Psychoneuroimmunotherapy & Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Daivam Wellness.

According to WHO, India is the most depressed country in the world.

“Almost 89% Indians are bogged down by stress related to health, finance & high pressure jobs and majority of them are not comfortable talking about their issues. It’s important for all Health & Wellness players to create awareness around depression and break the stigma. Through Daivam’s unique digital campaign we intend to reach out to people and be that friend with whom people can share all their apprehensions, without having to worry about getting disclosed, judged or misguided” says Divya Verma, Marketing Head, Daivam Wellness.

Another very important feature of the ‘Turn Your Magic On’ campaign is its accessibility. The program is designed in such a way that not only the patients themselves, but also their family or friend, whoever notices the symptoms of depression can contact Daivam and avail the required support for the patient. The Helpline number, is open for everyone.

Symptoms of depression to watch out for:

Withdrawing from people

· Being restless, agitated and irritable

· Lack of energy, enthusiasms and motivation

· Anger and rage

· Eating more or less than usual

· Sleeping more or less than usual

· Trouble functioning normally

· Feeling bad about yourself or feeling guilty

· Feeling you can’t overcome difficulties in your life

· Feeling sad or hopeless

· Suicidal thoughts

· Trouble concentrating and making decisions

· Forgetfulness

Experts suggest that taking help without wasting time is crucial because anxiety or depression have a degree of severity similar to that of any other chronic disease and thus require proper treatment. Some reports indicate that timely intervention and investment in services that tackle anxiety and depression in the early stages can help improve long-term health, as well as economic and social outcomes.

Daivam is in fact, a one of its kind Functional Medicine Centre in Delhi NCR. The idea of functional medicine is to help restore the balance of the human body by a holistic and sustainable approach. For this, the doctors and wellness coaches at Daivam detect underlying disproportions and plan the customized treatment by examining each client’s lifestyle, medical and genetic history, and the status of their spiritual, mental and physiological health.

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