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Small Nation Has Big Plans to Help Refugees

2024-06-17 11:45:39 Government


Caribbean Island Nation Bringing New Ideas to United Nations

New York, NY: The Federation of Royal Maya, a new nation, today announced that it was sending representatives to the United Nations General Assembly to continue discussions with member nations around refugee opportunities in the Caribbean.

The nation has been working closely with neighboring Caribbean countries, the United Nations, and other countries to create opportunities for refugees on the islands. Their vision is to create a fresh start, with sustainable living, educational, and economic advantages for refugees worldwide."

?There are more than 65 million refugees across the globe,? said H.M. King Philip IV, ruling monarch of the Federation of Royal Maya. ?If we can help even a small percentage of them, we can, literally, change the world.?

He continued, ?The Federation of Roya Maya is dedicated to bringing refugees from around the globe to a place that they can settle, find employment and educational opportunity, and potential long-term citizenship. A place to call home. We are building relationships with other nations to create win-win solutions for their own country, the Federation of Roya Maya, and the refugees."

The Federation of Royal Maya, whose U.N. membership is currently being processed, expects to attend the 74th Session of the General Assembly as a guest of another member nation. This year, the UNGA74?s sessions include a high-level forum on Sustainable Development, a dialog on financing development, and meetings on small island developing States, all topics of keen interest to this new nation.

As many nations are not aware of the Federation of Royal Maya, King Philip IV also posted a new video introducing the nation and their goals to aid refugees.

You can view that video at: and .

About the Federation of Royal Maya: The Federation of Royal Maya is a Caribbean Island nation consisting of 3 unique islands. Their goal is to create a sustainable community that offers educational and economic advantages to its citizens and refugees. The Federation of Royal Maya is currently working with various entities and countries to build that dream now.

For More Information: Visit the Federation of Royal Maya?s website at or contact Keith Tully, Senior Advisor to King Philip IV, at 800-854-1925 x100 or email him at

Media Contact:
Keith Tully
Senior Advisor to King Philip IV
Federation of Royal Maya
800-854-1925 x100

Company :-Federation of Royal Maya


Mobile:- 800-854-1925 x100

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