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UCLA Statistician Confirms: Dramatic Increase In Teens With Lice

2020-07-06 09:10:55 Health and Fitness


Huntington Beach, CA: Lice Expert Pam Skinner had noticed a trend in her busy lice treatment salon. “We knew we were seeing more and more teenagers, and wanted hard data to back it up”. She worked with a UCLA statistician to analyze her data base of over 5,000 customers from 2014 - 2018. Results were striking.

For example, teens age 13-14 had a 110% increase. By contrast, 6-7 year olds showed a 32% decrease, over the same period.

Why the dramatic increase in teens with lice? Skinner believes the answer is using social media on smartphones. According to Skinner, “Lice is spread by head to head contact. Teens put their heads together to watch Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram on a tiny screen. A 2018 Pew Research Center survey confirmed 95% of teens in America have a smartphone. 85% of teens reported using Youtube, and 45% reported being online on a ‘near-constant basis’. By contrast, the same Pew Research Center survey in 2014 reported only 32% of teens were online on a ‘near constant basis’. “Our statistics (2014-2018) mirrored the Pew Research findings, as teens tripled the time spent online, we saw triple digit increase in teens with lice!”

The three best tips for teens to prevent lice are:

  • Use scented hair products (like mint, coconut, lavender, tea tree).

  • Braid & bun, don’t have loose hair. Use a lice prevention spray daily.

  • Try not to touch heads, when looking at social media (lice don’t jump or fly).

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