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Custom Labelled Bottled Water Production Company Reveals 6 Methods to Advertise Effectively

2020-07-09 04:25:01 Business


To spread the word about your business and get people excited, it's important to advertise in the right places. Putting ads in the newspaper or on the radio doesn't work that much today as it used to be, so it's time to get more creative to get buzz for your company.

1) Custom Water Bottles

When you're offering water bottles at any place or time, people are bound to grab one. This promotional item is convenient, and a lot more people will notice your company.

You can easily find companies that offer custom blow molding bottles for that professional, branded look. These companies let you customize the design of the bottle as well as the branded label. You can even choose what kind of water you like!

Something simple like a water bottle will get your business more recognition than you would expect, and potential customers start talking about your brand.

2) Television Commercials

While a 30-second commercial on television could be expensive, it remains one of the best ways to gain recognition for your business. Television reaches a much wider audience than the radio or newspaper. Americans spend, on average, four and a half hours watching TV, so there is a higher chance of them viewing your commercial.

3) Direct Mail

There is a unique advantage to sending letters, coupons, and other promotions through the mail. With direct mail, you can personalize each package and cater to the demographics of every location. You can get more people interested via special offers only included in their weekly or monthly letter. Snail mail is also one of the most affordable options for advertising, so there isn't much to lose!

4) Social Media

Since virtually everyone has a social media account these days, sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter are some of the best places to get the word out on your new product. However, make sure you have a memorable message and a trendy ad, so you can attract the appropriate audience.

Maintaining social media accounts and consistently replying to customers' messages and concerns will make you seem more relatable. Plus, it can almost guarantee more traction for your brand.

If you're not social media savvy, reach out to a digital marketing agency. Social media advertising is a thriving business, and there are many specialists ready and eager to help you.

5) Product Placement

Paying a popular celebrity or influencer can be well worth the investment. The audience of the host views the creator as trustworthy. As such, if they recommend your product, you have an increased likelihood that one of their thousands of fans will buy it.

To find the right influencer, make sure to carefully review the different celebrities and their audiences. That way, you know that their image fits your brand, and you'll be sure to score some sales.

6) Event Sponsoring

A classic way to advertise your brand to a variety of people is to sponsor events. A sports team or other organization can mention your company whenever they play at any of their other events. Even a sponsor logo on a jersey is something that die-hard fans will immediately notice. With event sponsoring, spectators will be constantly hearing about your brand.

For maximum effectiveness, be sure to provide the organization with plenty of information about your company. Supply stickers, posters, and banners with your logo, so event attendees will recognize your business right away.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Whether you are starting a new business or already have an established one that you'd like to grow, the methods covered here can work for you. Creative advertising with water bottles and personalized direct mail are great ways to make potential customers feel special and more attracted to your services. Catering to your consumer, selecting the right market, and making your presence known (both online and in the real world) are the key to creating a thriving business.


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