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India e-tourist Visa new fee On The Basis of Tourist Footfall

2024-06-18 03:25:41 Government


Indian Tourism Minister Prahlad Patel Announced: India will introduce a flexible India e-tourist visa regime based on tourist footfall, with the considerably lower fee during April to June lean period and a higher fee for July to March peak season of when tourists visit
Speaking at the commencement of a meeting with the state government representatives on tourism, Patel said the move was to promote tourists to visit India

"India to offer 30-day e-tourist visa with USD 10 fee during the lean period April to June and USD 25 fee during peak tourism period from July to March," Patel said

While the Home Ministry has approved the new Footfall visa regime, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is soon expected to give its approval on the fee aspect, officials said

A new five-year Indian e-tourist visa will be introduced with USD 80 fee and a one year e-tourist visa with USD 40 fee, Patel said

For Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, lean period visa fees is USD 10 and for e-visa of 30 days, 1 year and 5 years is USD 25," Minister Patel said.




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