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Stone Technologies Announced Display For Energy Projects Intelligent And Touch Screen TFT LCD Display Module

2019-09-23 08:26:53 Technology


Stone technologies came with the solution to the normal LCD Displays. In the world of technology, many industries are replacing their LCD’s with the Intelligent TFT displays as it can display more information with quality.

It is good news for the companies deals in the energy project field like manufacturer of fuel dispenser, EV charger, solar system etc. Stone technologies can provide GUI design software that can add data display, data input, status display and other icons on it.

The manufactures of fuel dispensers can take the benefit of updated RFID system. You can easily build a fuel dispenser with wireless payment function, which has the greater market for now.

Following are the special features of the Stone modules in case of energy fields are:
adopt high strength aluminum alloy
They are airtight
They are more stable
They have good anti-interference performance,
low power consumption
passive heat dissipation
high and low temperature resistance
usually less maintenance
reduce maintenance cost.

The touchscreen LCD TFT displays can make your system more secure, stable, weatherproof, efficient and powerful than before. All energy field equipment manufacturers can contact stone technology any time to get the benefit of latest screen modules.

Company :-Stone Technologies


Phone :-+86-10 84351669

Url :-


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