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The Ultimate Guide to Personal Training Released for Fitness Enthusiasts

2020-08-08 07:08:56 Health and Fitness


A personal trainer is a person who is an expert in fitness. Their primary function is to assist clients with reaching their fitness goals. These goals can be:
• Weight loss,
• Toning, or just
• Adopting a healthier lifestyle.

A personal trainer will generate a bespoke fitness plan for each individual. The goals of this plan will be S.M.A.R.T:
• S = Specific
• M = Measurable
• A = Achievable
• R = Realistic
• T = Time-Bound

It is up to the client to say if they would like to engage in group training sessions or if they would prefer one-on-one exercise training. Moreover, it is also the client's choice if they would prefer to train in a gym or their home. This means that when you're looking for a personal trainer, you need to make sure that you do thorough research. This is because you want to make sure that you are comfortable with your choice of a personal trainer.

Fitness Assessments and Personal Training

Once you've decided on a personal trainer, he or she will do a fitness assessment on you. This is not to make you feel guilty about how unfit you are. The purpose of this is for the personal trainer to figure out where you are low in terms of your fitness levels and to help them determine the exercises which are right for you.

A fitness assessment consists of several exercises that help the personal trainer to evaluate your overall health and physical status. There is a wide range of standardized tests that are used for the purpose. Some fitness assessments are intended for medical purposes while others are used to establish if you are qualified to participate in certain activities, for example, in the fire brigade.

For overall health and fitness objectives, the fitness assessment is considered to be the starting point for a personal trainer to be able to design an appropriate exercise program. These assessments are there to ensure you won't be at risk of injury. Also, they provide the personal trainer with the insights needed to establish clear and valid fitness goals.

What does a fitness assessment consist of?

During a fitness assessment, critical components of your fitness will be measured. Besides, your risk of heart disease and other health conditions will be assessed. The findings will provide your personal trainer with a unique exercise road map. Moreover, it will be a starting point from which you can monitor your progress.

A fitness assessment looks at the following areas:
• Cardio fitness
• Strength of muscles
• How many muscles can be recovered?
• The extent of flexibility
• How well you can balance through your physical training?

Who needs what kind of fitness assessment?

Experts have suggested doing a manageable self-evaluation to help you decide your physical training. More risk factors for heart diseases that you have — such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, a familial history of heart disease if you're a smoker, are obese, or pre-diabetic — the more critical it becomes to check in with your doctor or another similar health professional. Work closely with your health-care provider to develop an exercise program. This is if you already have heart, lung or kidney disease, asthma or arthritis. Exercise caution, when exercising, if you answer 'yes' to any of these proposals:

• Do you suffer from heart disease?
• Do you perceive pain in your chest during exercise?
• Do you have chest pain when not exercising?
• Do you ever overbalance or feel dizzy?
• Do you have any problems with your bones or joints?
• Are you on prescription medication for high blood pressure or heart disease?
• Are there any other health issues that could be influenced by an exercise program?

The safest way to start exercising is slowly and at a low intensity. Discover the proper technique to avoid injury. Prevent muscle strain that could lead you to stop exercising before you make any progress.


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