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Encrypted messaging app Bat Messenger adds Explore: share your stories now!

2021-07-18 05:58:13 Blogging & Social Media


Bat Messenger, an end-to-end encrypted messenger from Singapore, adds a cool new feature Explore this week. It allows users to share photos, videos and voice posts with their contacts. Bat Messenger (BAT) tries its best to keep users’ privacy. You can use it without sharing your phone number or email. It’s very different from many messengers that signing up for BAT only needs a username. Username will be public to your contacts on BAT and you can change your username anytime.

What is Explore?
Users can keep connected to their friends and know new friends in Explore. Explore consists of two sections. They are All and Friends. You can see all users’ public posts in All section and know your friends’ stories in Friend section. Users will get notifications when people like and comment their posts. BAT allows posts of 1500 characters or less and users can share 9 photos at most.

Here are six main ways users can post on BAT.
1. Text post: posts consist of pure text and nothing else.
2. Image post: Users can take a photo or choose one from their album to share
3. Voice post: Users can record their voice and share. The max time length of a voice post is 60s.
4. Video: Users can take a video or choose one from the album. The max size of video posts is 30Mb.
5. GIF post: Users can share 9 GIFs at one time.
6. Repost: Users can share other users’ posts with their friends.
If you are seeing posts that you don’t like in Explore, you can choose to hide the post or hide all posts from the user. If you think other users’ public posts are interesting and want to make friends with them, you can send friend requests to them.

Why we need to use encrypted messengers?
It’s a digital world today and life is immersed in texting and calling. People connect to each other through internet. It indeed makes life more convenient, but also brings a new threat which is information leakage. Many apps will ask for users’ phone number and most messengers will access to users’ phone contacts. These information can be used in phishing attacks or telemarketing fraud. So secure messenger is more important that the past.
Messages and calls between BAT users are end-to-end encrypted by default which protects your data from criminals and hackers.
There is a pair of encrypted key. They are the Public Key and the Private Key. The senders encrypt messages by using Public Key and the recipients decrypt messages by using the Private Key. No third parties include BAT can know the content of the messages.
Switch to Bat Messenger now and keep your data private from today.



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