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hIOTron Unveils the Distribution Transformer Monitoring System

2020-09-12 09:28:00 Technology


VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, July 31, 2019: hIOTron Unveils the Distribution Transformer Monitoring System that is simple to locate and operate for distribution network operators looking to handle their low voltage transformers and downstream networks.

This DTMS System helps to improve the abilities and benefits to the utility power distribution companies and transformer manufacturers that can be easily achieved by monitoring a distributed power transformer network.

The compact DTMS solution along with the industrial-grade sensor gives utility companies real-time and accurate information about voltage, power factor and current so that they can use specific remedies to solve the problems as they occur.

In addition, to monitor the common parameters like an alert for ambient temperature, humidity level measurement, alert/alarm on transformer phase failure, etc, it provides additional features as follows:
1. Handle energy performance and environmental impacts.

2. It reduces losses, tamper observation, analysis and comparison of utilization patterns to observe theft.

3. Detection of hotspots in DT Core.

4. Detection of insects in DT.

5. It remotely handles the entire fleet which extends the life of the entire fleet through remote updates.

6. It performs validation, estimation and editing of data prior to bill generation.

hIOTron’s complete distribution transformer monitoring system can bring a lot of advantages for companies and transformer manufacturers which include the capacity of:

1. Detect when transformers are on the edge of collapse and take performance-related actions.

2. Enhance visibility of low voltage power network and assist utility companies to deliver high-quality electricity to consumers.

3. Reduces electrical failure duration, if one transformer collapses, which is replaced with-in a period of 12-24 hrs. With the help of information provided by the system the company detect overloaded transformer and can easily prevent it from collapsing.

4. Access useful transformer monitoring data for asset management and preventive maintenance.
Despite other DTMS system hIOTron DTMS will help to find the problem before any catastrophic failure occurs. So that utility companies can solve problems as they occur.


To know more about Distribution Transformer Monitoring System:

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About hIoTron:

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