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Unity Technologies partners with PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry to inspire AR/VR adoption in Defense & PSU Sectors

2024-07-18 01:28:10 Technology


New Delhi, 12 July 2019: -- Unity Technologies, creator of the world?s most widely-used real-time 3D development platform, today announced that it has partnered with PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry to create and conduct sessions for industry stakeholders and enterprises on identifying opportunities in AR/VR. The comprehensive sessions will enable the enterprises to discover how AR/VR via some used cases has changed the process, reduced costs of training and product design for government agencies.

The partnership between Unity Technologies and PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry will see both organizations combine their individual efforts and lead by example, by showcasing MWU companies to talk about their use cases and address the right audiences for adoption covering organizations like Government, PSUs, Research institutions and other enterprises. PHDCCI has a dedicated Innovation and Startup Committee which works rigorously to promote Innovations by advising Government and regulators on framing enabling policies for improving innovation ecosystem in India. To achieve a mindshare between both the organizations and to develop a conducive ecosystem for the industry leaders, a series of joint sessions involving MSMEs and business leaders will be executed.

Speaking of the VR AR For Defense and Public Sector Summit, Mr. Anumukonda Ramesh, Country Head-India, Unity Technologies, said ?This partnership is a great opportunity for us to collaborate and solve complex problems of the digitizing world by taking the available and prospective solutions to the industry stakeholders. Defense & PSU sectors are one of the biggest users of stimulation and visualization for training, learning & product design. We are honored to synergize our technical prowess and venture into several new and disruptive business opportunities for that will support the Defense & PSU sectors more meaningfully.?

During the summit Dr Arvind Mayaram, Chairman, Innovation & Startup Committee, PHDCCI speaking about the usage of AR VR Technology explains ?Over the next five years, VR/AR apps will help in the transformation of industries across the board. With constant innovation and integration of AR/VR, the Indian defense system can enhance their strategy and use them in visual information such as horizon line, aircraft speed, and altitude.?

Through the collaboration, Unity Technologies is focusing on systemically expanding the AR/VR adoption ecosystem in the sector of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3D Visualization. The collaboration will also help drive advancement of the key solution areas that will yield results across industry and geographic markets.

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