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Infographic Reveals More about Gamification in Learning

2019-10-20 03:48:31 Technology


London, UK, 11 July 2019 -- Onboarding and training your employees is crucial to the success of your business. Better informed employees means better customer experiences, more sales, higher customer satisfaction, and many more desirable outcomes. But how do we keep up with the businesses which are successfully leveraging learning?

Mambo Solutions Ltd. have recently published a great infographic focused on gamification in learning. The infographic, first, outlines the problem. Employees want to feel empowered to further their careers and improve their skills. Check out interesting and valuable stats concerning employees.

The infographic also sheds light on the importance of having different learning methods for different generations. You will read about what makes learning successful. Later on, the infographic presents interesting memory facts in terms of gamification in learning.

Finally, the infographic reveals 12 benefits of using gamification. The list includes improving knowledge absorption and retention as well as speeding up the learning curve.

About Mambo Solutions Ltd: Mambo is the leading on-premise gamification software solutions provider. Mambo’s platform and services have finally democratized gamification and made it available to companies of all sizes. Use gamification to drive employee engagement, stimulate customer loyalty, and increase adoption of your e-learning and training initiatives.

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