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Diatom Nutrients Launches Fermented Wheat Germ Extract

2020-08-04 11:19:57 Health and Fitness


“Diatom Nutrients creates a product for treating many health problems. It has many health benefits for improving people’s health quality.”

Diatom Nutrients has a health supplement product in their line of product that’s sold at their website. The product is called Diatom Rx. This is this company’s first product ever launched. The product has many benefits for health, especially for today’s condition, where pollutant, free radical and even wave exposure from the technology device become one of the harmful substances for human.

Diatom Rx itself is also called Fermented Wheat Germ Extract. The extraction here means to acquire one of the most important substances that can bring big benefits to one’s health. It’s called “2, 6-Dimenthoxybenzoquinone”. This substance is one of the most powerful natural anti-bacterial. Thus, it protects its user from the disease or illness that is caused by the bacteria.

Flavonoids are also added into the Diatom Rx as the part of the formula that produces better and much more effective result from this product. Flavonoids are also well-known as one of the best antioxidants. Antioxidant itself is a substance that can protect the human body from free radicals. Free radical is the substance that was created by the pollution and if this substance enters the human body, it has a chance to mutate healthy cells. The result is it becomes the cause of cancer or tumor occurrence.

Therefore, the combination of “2, 6-Dimenthoxybenzoquinone” and Flavonoids create a good formula to fight against harmful substances that can attack the human body. These two has the ability to protect the healthy cells from changing into a tumor cell. It also said that this product can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, which is very useful for anyone who has a problem with it.

The two important substances in Diatom Rx have the ability to protect the human body from cancer. And, it also can ease the side effects of chemotherapy, which is usually used for treating a cancer patient. From cancer perspective itself, it can be used for the healthy person for protecting them from cancer, as well as the cancer patient that has been going through the chemotherapy treatment.

Fermented Wheat Germ Extract or FWGE from Diatom Nutrients is indeed one of the most innovative health supplement products available today. With its ability to give many and varying health benefits, it could become the solution for many health problems today.

About Diatom Nutrients

Diatom Nutrients is a company that focuses on creating a product that can help people to improve their health. Consisting of a team of experts and researchers, Diatom Nutrients always keep trying to find the solution for a health problem.

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