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"ChainStore" version 3.0 is about to go online, leading the app store to change the tide

2021-07-15 05:50:26 Blogging & Social Media


This revision is one of the things we have been planning for a long time.

Although the 3.0 version continues the previous design style, the interface layout has changed a lot, and the corresponding experience has been optimized.

Perhaps you have also felt this way: I feel that there is a lack of ways to find welfare activities, a lack of understanding of the blockchain, and a lack of a platform to download blockchain applications, but I don’t know where to look. Anxiety often accumulates over time, and more anxiety every day, has continued.

We hope to ease your anxiety. Want to find more convenient welfare activities? Want to see a more comprehensive blockchain knowledge? Want to find valuable blockchain applications faster? We are all ready for you! In the first half of 2019, ChainStore fully deployed version 3.0, making it easier and more comprehensive to enhance your game and user experience.

The ChainStore 3.0 version wants to give users a better experience, listens carefully to the user's comments and suggestions, and simulates the scenarios when different users are using ChainStore. A lot of functions have been added, the details have been optimized in all aspects, and the activity benefits are only a lot more. As Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat, said, a good product is to help users achieve their goals quickly, rather than kidnapping users.

ChainStore version 3.0

ChainStore developers spend their time thinking about design, adding functions, etc. The new upgrade version of ChainStore 3.0, which was officially deployed in the first half of 2019, will be officially launched, so stay tuned!


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