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Bhatia Hospital observe National Doctor's Day with patients honouring super doctors

2020-08-05 01:31:02 Health and Fitness


July, Mumbai: There are movies and shows that have Superheroes whizzing round the streets, skies and seas saving people all the time. But there some around us who do exactly that in reality. Doctors are our very own real-life Superheroes!

This Doctors’ Day, Bhatia Hospital held a special ceremony to felicitate its Super Doctors who went out of their way to give patients a new lease of life. These included Dr Shailesh Ranade, Plastic Surgeon, Bhatia Hospital and Dr Ashish Ghuge, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Bhatia Hospital Mumbai. It was a day filled with emotions and warmth as the patients and their families were present to show their gratitude and token of appreciation to the doctors who treated them and changed their life.

One of them was Ashish Sharma, 23-year-old youngster, who fell under the train last year while trying to get into it. Six others who fell with him were killed on the spot, while the wheels of the train ran over Ashish’s foot and injured him very badly. The hospital he was first rushed to told his family that his leg would need to be amputated. From there he was brought to Bhatia Hospital where he was put under the care of Dr Ashish Ghughe and his team. The bones on his foot were exposed and his entire sole was degloved. Dr Ghughe had to perform some complicated procedures like a micro vascular flap reconstruction to save Ashish’s foot. After the surgeries, today, Ashish is back to an almost normal life. He travels daily in the train from Virar. Though he is not 100 % pain-free yet, he has almost recovered.

Other patients who attended are Ms. Purna C Shah showed her gratitude to Dr. Hemant Thacker for his immense care during her treatment and Mrs. Shirin Mistri who had undergone Bilateral Total Knee Replacement felicitated Dr. Rahul Shah.

Speaking about the inimitable celebrations, Dr. Rajeev Boudhankar, CEO-Bhatia Hospital said, “This activity that was conducted today in our hospital was indeed unique. The doctors who were honoured were indeed super doctors. They worked on such extreme cases and gave the patients a new lease of life. Today was a day that we all will remember for long.”

A special cake weighing 10 kg was cut by the doctors in the presence of the staff, patients and their families. The innovative cake was shaped to resemble a doctor’s uniform, complete with a stethoscope et al. A four-feet long board was also kept around so that patients could write on it and express their gratitude for the doctors.

Doctors’ Day is celebrated across India on July 1 each year in the memory of the legendary physician and second Chief Minister of West Bengal Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy.

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