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Anode Shack initiated free shipping on orders over $100.

2020-02-17 01:24:50 Industry


Anode Shack has always been a trailblazer when it comes to introducing marine corrosion control products. This company has had a strong history of making the customers happy and providing the best quality anodes. Whether it comes to paddling the right product or giving a quote to the customer, anode shack has always worked on the goal of putting customers first, unlike many other similar companies. Therefore anode shack has carved a successful reputation in the minds of its customers.
Most companies that sell such products online are often blamed as incompetent when it comes to shipping and delivering the products on time. Anode shack is very careful when it comes to providing marine products. In case a purchase has been registered, and the product goes out of stock, then the company refunds all the money with the same payment method. Anode shack has always had short delivery times, which is why customers have always favored it.
A new feature which the company just launched on its website is that it will ship all products free that are above $100 within the US. This is a major step that the company has taken to make the customers happy. Shipping costs are always added to the actual cost of the product that is being ordered. Anode shack doesn’t shy away from providing this great benefit to the customers. Usually, people who make hefty orders always expect the company to provide discounts. Some companies do, whereas most of them don’t.
Anode shack has opened to doors to customer satisfaction by providing zero shipping cost at orders above $100. This scheme will surely benefit the customers and the company in several ways. This scheme puts the company in the spotlight where a lot of people will want to purchase in bulk from the website online. This, in turn, means that the revenue will surely get boosted at the end of the day. Moreover, zero shipping cost at orders above $100 also means that Anode shack will be able to navigate new customer business relations.
Shipping costs have always been scrutinized by customers because sometimes they can be very high. Some customers even complained that the shipping costs were higher than the price of the order. Anode Shack has introduced this scheme within the US only but very soon might expand to other countries depending on the success of this new feature. The company has top-notch zinc metal anodes, which are used by people globally. Well, that’s not the only thing that the company takes pride in. They have a vast array of nodes that are used by people whose work is related to water in some way.
This is a major step that will surely uplift the revenue of the company in the future. The idea of free shipping is very compelling for customers who are frequently looking for products online. However, any company needs to be very confident while taking such a step. Anode shack surely has again worked to benefit its customers. Let's see what the future unfolds for it.

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