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Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville Talks About 5 Yoga Poses To Be Done Correctly

2020-07-30 03:52:15 Health and Fitness


Early morning with Surya Namaskar is an amazing combination to kick-start the day. Yoga is beneficial for the body, mind, and soul and also enhances the quality of your mental, emotional and social sphere. To avail the goodness of yoga, it is important to get your posture right.

If you had to visit a chiropractor recently after a minor accident or due to back or neck pain, then you need to avoid these 5 injury-prone yoga positions that can cause more harm than good. An extra yoga stretch or a wrong posture can strain your muscles; further worsening the pain.

A study from Columbia University revealed that 4 out of 1300 yogis worldwide experienced brain damage due to extreme bleeding. Strenuous yoga postures can be dangerous and can lead to extreme conditions like carotid, vertebral artery dissections, strokes that are rare, while other conditions include musculoskeletal injury, back injury, muscle strain, etc.

Chiropractors at Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville, Florida, bring to you 5 yoga postures that should be done correctly to prevent further injury.

5 Yoga Postures that Needs to be Done Right!

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that focuses on bringing harmony between the mind and body. With a history of over 5000 years, yoga postures need to be guided by an experienced teacher. Yoga can affect adversely if practiced incorrectly.

- Bridge Pose

This yoga pose is helpful in alleviating the shoulder and neck pain and increasing flexibility. Here, the knees should be properly aligned. Make sure that they are placed either at the back or front of the feet. If not, then you are putting a lot of rotational stress on the knees.

Thus, it is advisable to keep the kneecaps facing at the same angle as your feet.

- Downward Dog

In this posture, you are on your hands and legs with your spine straight and long. While performing this, people don't maintain proper spine stability that can cause hip or lower back issues, herniated discs, etc.

While positioning yourself, make sure your spine is neutral; both overarching and over-rounding can be dangerous. Keep your spine straight and let your hip joint stretch.

- Mountain Pose to Forward Bend

It is important to keep the pelvis in level and prevent the hips from falling back to touch the floor. Don't stress your back too much as your body is rounded.

- Triangle Pose

While doing this pose, your feet should be positioned starting from the heel to arch such that your torso appears like an ‘I’ instead of a ‘C’. You may also feel a stretch through both hips and less tightness in the shoulder and neck. Keep your head steady to avoid strain on your neck.

- Seated Twisted Pose

You need to remember that your lower back is not designed for a lot of twisting. While performing this yoga posture, make sure that most of your rotation is in the mid back and up. If you don’t have enough motion in your mid back, there are chances of shoulder and neck pain.

Stop pushing yourselves!

To reduce yoga injuries, start slowly with easy postures, proper breathing and try to balance using props like walls or blocks under the supervision of an experienced teacher or guru. Initially start with breathing exercises, squats, seated positions, gentle bends and likewise.

About Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville:

If you have been too eager to try a yoga pose and have hurt yourselves, then immediately consult a chiropractor in Jacksonville, Florida. Expert doctors at Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville will help you to relieve from chronic pain through painless spinal correction and restore body balance.

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