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hIOTron Unveils the Smart Connected Worker Solution

2019-12-12 08:12:33 Technology


VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, June 25, 2019: hIOTron launched Smart Connected Worker solution to gain real-time insights into worker location and safety to make the workplace more efficient, productive, safe and transparent.
An IoT enabled connected worker solution prefers monitoring capabilities to the next level.
The workforce is one of the most valuable advantages for any industry and industrial workers are at increased risk for security threats, accidents, and health emergencies.

Key Challenges that need to be considered:
1. To enhance employee experience
2. To ensure worker safety
3. To improve data accuracy
4. Unexpected accidents in the field
5. To reduce the risk of errors.

hIOTron’s connected worker solution to overcome these challenges:

Accompanying connected assets and machinery, hIOTron’s Smart Connected worker Solution can help a company to obtain better regulatory compliance and get a real-time glance at the worker’s activity and health.

1. Improved worker safety:
Managers generate reports of the current work environment with the help of sensors. And they can also get an alert in case of critical ambiance conditions which allows reducing the percentage of unexpected accidents in the field.

2. Prescriptive analysis:
To analyze the efficiency of current safety procedures and policies by monitoring the information collected by the multiple sensors, which are installed in the system to ensure worker safety.

3. Workforce planning and optimization:
It is important to keep track of workforce productivity and to enhance workforce wellness with the help of data generated from the sensors.

4. Compliance friendly:
Fetches and stores data for compliance checks in order to protect hazardous conditions and reducing the risk of errors.

What makes us different from others:
• hIOTRon’s cloud platform helps to build IoT Solution easily and quickly
• They understand the customer’s actual requirements and will follow the testing frameworks
accordingly before delivering the right Solution.
• hIOTron serves multiple IoT Capabilities right from easy configuration to real-time device analyzing.

To know more about Smart Connected worker solution:

About hIoTron:
hIOTron Pvt.Ltd (hIOTron's) provide a practical study for various IoT cloud platforms. hIOTron had deployed over 21000 IoT Devices. hIoTron's IoT platform helps businesses to connect and manage data securely.
It also Develops, supports and manufactures IoT platforms and serving 55+ Fortune Enterprises.

hIOTron offers IoT solutions over such a platform with End-To-End Classroom as well as Online IoT Training with which you can easily come up with new ideas and techniques.

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Phone :-8208896758

Mobile:- 9766929093

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