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Fildo Music Announces Its Latest Fildo apk Music Player

2019-12-13 05:58:47 Technology


Fildo apk is a music player app that is known to be lightweight and not space-consuming. The latest version has been launched with some new features.

Fildo apk is an online music streaming app that enables Smartphone users to enjoy audio tracks all around the world. The app is considered unique since it doesn’t have its own track collections. To enable the users to enjoy music, it brings the tracks from many sources. The music quality to listen from this app tends to be better and clearer. Not only streaming them, but the tracks can also be downloaded through the feature available.

In the latest version of Fildo music app available in 2019, there are some new features added. First of all, the access to go through the options of music playing is getting easier whether from music types, albums, folders, and more. Second, there is a bar to search for the music based on the artist name, song title or even album.

Third, the navigation is simplified so that the users can get the music they want only with a click. Fourth, there is a random music play option available. Fifth, the cover is displayed when the song is played as well as seeing the song coming next. Sixth, for the users of Android 5.0 and above, controlling music can be done only from the notification.

Aside from the new features mentioned above, the developer has also fixed problems and bugs occurred in the previous version. To get the app, Android users only need to access the Google PlayStore app. Then, search it by typing the app’s name and install it. It is only a few seconds to get the app is completely installed. It is because this music player is very lightweight. This gives another benefit where Fildo Music will not consume up too much storage.

About Fildo Music

Fildo Music is a company that designs a special app to listen music. The featured product is Fildo app that enables the users to enjoy a high quality audio tracks from all around the world through some easy steps. The team conducts research before the development to make sure that the product is able to satisfy the users more. Besides, customization regarding the sounds, base, and others are conducted as well based on the customers’ wishes.

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