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hIOTron Developed Smart Street Light solution for Smarter Cities

2019-11-27 05:10:14 Technology


VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, June 18, 2019: hIOTron developed the Smart Street Light Solution which is an integral part of smart city. That helps to save energy, reduce maintenance cost and reduce CO2 emissions. Automation and network control will be an added benefit to increase energy savings and reduce maintenance.

Integration of various hardware technologies and software applications that will provide you controls over any kind of lighting network that enabling remote meter reading, real time fault notification, increasing efficiency etc.

Each streetlight will be enclosed with a node that alerts the central network when it fails to operate or no longer works.

hIOTron offers three node- Gateway connectivity Solutions for street light remote control and status data transmission.

Wired Solution:
It provides half duplex communication between one central gateway and number of nodes. Each node has assigned with unique numbers so that gateway can treat each one of them individually.
The gateway continuously monitors the status of nodes and sending commands to individual node or to the entire network. In case the power line used by gateway control is noisy, certain nodes may re-transmit signal from the central gateway to distant nodes and back enables a stable communication across the whole network.

Wireless Solution:
In this solution each node communicates with central gateway using 800-950 MHz wireless interface, in a range of 5 km.
This enables the city to depend on the existing infrastructure in place to communicate information and control the streetlights.
To increase the range of communication other wireless communication modules can be easily plugged inside the actual hardware at the time of installation.

Gateway as node solution:
Using gateway as a node for street light remote control and status data transmission.

Using such solutions throughout the system enables the city to select the prefer solution for each specific streetlight.
For example, huge elevation or trees can block wireless communications between fixed appliances, so in such cases it is better to communicate over the wired network. In other situation, it’s easier to communicate wirelessly.
A reliable strategy like this is more cost-effective and less likely to fail.

Benefits of Smart Street Light:

1. Depends on the energy consumption of each streetlight in particular area such a solution can dim the lights during low occupancy periods.

2. It helps reduce maintenance costs.

3. Replacing normal street light with an LED street lighting can a smart investment into the backbone for a smart city.

4. Smart street light solution brings economic and environmental benefits.

To know more about Smart Street Light:

About hIoTron:
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