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How Assistive Technology Can Make Life Safer & Easier for the Elderly

2020-05-29 10:41:40 Technology


Many people are right to worry about how they will take care of their parents or other relatives as they grow older. After all, people develop more health issues as they age and require a lot more assistance to continue the same lifestyle. But living in a nursing home or another type of assisted living facility may not be the right fit for your family members.

First of all, nursing homes can be expensive. With many people of a certain age being retired, it is often up to the younger generations to pay or help pay for their relatives’ living expenses. Not everyone has enough to be able to do this and still provide for themselves, their spouse, or their children. For those who earn more than $30,000 a year, health care expenses for older Americans is approximately $11,000 a year.

Second, nursing homes give your elderly relatives less autonomy in their own lives. They are not able to choose what to eat, where they can go, or how often they can see their friends or family. It’s also very difficult to find the right fit with staff that is friendly as well as properly trained. These are the reasons why assistive technology can be even more helpful when you or your family members are deciding on the best place to live.

The diverse world of assistive technology

Finding the right technology for you or your family members to comfortably live at home can really make life more enjoyable. Whether you need a stair lift installed in a two-story home to help regain your independence, or you need a ramp to help access your home, you can be assured that this technology will help better you or your loved one’s quality of living significantly.

2 out of 3 senior citizens will be physically or cognitively impaired in their lifetime. This can leave many feeling depressed or hopeless about their situation, especially if they are unable to care for themselves. Luckily, assistive technology is advancing to the point where many senior citizens can live comfortably at home, with a caretaker or even by themselves.

Adjustable beds are a popular choice for many seniors with back problems or other mobility issues. These beds can recline, so you may either lie flat or sit upright, depending on what you would like to do. Some can even be customized with fall guards, so they do not fall out of bed in the night or in the morning when trying to get up.

Amazon Echo and Google Home devices can help seniors call family members, text, or do other fun things like play music or watch television. Hands-free devices like these are great for people who are not used to technology like smart phones or computers. They are voice activated with no fiddly buttons or small text to read.

Seniors can also benefit from having many different lighting sources in their home that are easily accessible. Whether they are able to reach a standing lamp, one on a night stand, or voice command lights, having these light sources can help those who are visually impaired. Though it seems simple, you should always think about having these assistive technologies to help the disabled.

Video cameras are a great way for the elderly to monitor what is going on in their homes, without having to leave a room to check. For those with mobility issues, having security cameras can go a long way in helping your older family members comfortably live at home.

In conclusion

You don’t need a nursing home or other assisted care facility to help a senior citizen live a happy life. Simply installing technology into a home can help anyone feel safer, more comfortable, and more independent living on their own.

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