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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Drums in 2019

2020-06-05 12:24:45 Art & Entertainment


Whether you are a seasoned professional drummer or just starting to learn the basics, finding a drum kit that works for you is what separates lifelong players and those who pick up their sticks occasionally. It’s so much easier to lose interest if you’re not playing the sound you dreamt in your head.

The good news is it’s easier in 2019 than ever before to find quality pieces of a kit from around the internet and retailers.

Don’t know where to start looking? Check out this list of tips before you place anything in your shopping cart. It can totally change whether you bring home a set you adore vs. the kit that accumulates dust!

Know Your Price Range

When you begin your drum search, know your price range and filter results based on overall cost. This will minimize your options so that your search is more specific, and prevent you from stepping overbudget.

Note: Your budget will reflect the quality of drum that you can get, so consider being a little flexible if quality is a factor in your end choice.

What is Your Style of Music?

If you’re eager to capture the beat of your favorite music, you’ll need parts that the pros use to make specific sounds associated with genres like rock, blues, and jazz.

Research drumheads that are used in your favorite genre, as these dictate the different sound qualities that drums make. Once you do, it’s easy to find the best drum heads reviewed– you don’t have to take up too much time looking for the perfect one.

For beginners, we suggest that you purchase a multi-purpose drum kit with a more generic sound than other options. Since you likely don’t have a specific style of music and may want to learn multiple styles, this kind of drum kit will allow you to experiment while learning the basics.

If you have the budget, you can buy a large drum kit and switch out the pieces you need for a specific style.

What Comes With the Kit?

Make sure you look over exactly what is included with the kit you are buying. Some drum kits come with all of the hardware you need, but others are sold as “shell packs.” These are sets that are sold with only the drums and holders, no hardware included. We suggest finding a set that includes all of the hardware you need, which includes:

• Bass drum pedal
• Cymbal stands
• Snare drum stand
• Hi-hat stand
• Cymbal pack

If you buy a shell pack, the cost of all of these additional hardware items can really add up. It is typically more affordable to find a set with hardware included! Make sure you also purchase drum sticks. Believe it or not, these don’t typically come with your drum set!

Always Buy Cases

If your drums are going to be traveling at all, it is extremely important to protect them with cases. You do not need to buy these immediately if your drums will mostly be staying in your home, but it is a worthy investment since travelling between gigs could be in your future.

Drums are very easily damaged, so we suggest using cases anytime your drums are on the go!

Test Before You Buy

Many music center stores will have drum kits available for you to play. It is important to try out a drum kit and really listen to the sound it creates. While testing out the kit, ask yourself:

• Is this the kind of sound I’m looking for?
• Will this kit work for the music I like to play?
• Do I like the way playing this kit feels?

Try out multiple drum kits if they are available and ask someone any questions you have. This will help you avoid buyer’s remorse - you make sure in-store that you’ll love the drums you’re about to get with backing from an expert.

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