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B2B Leads Adda highlights the astonishing business consultancy trends and paradigms in India

2020-05-15 04:12:52 Miscellaneous


The million dollar business consultancy industry is accelerating at a steady rate, but expert analysts predict a downfall for this emerging industry. The business industry is rapidly igniting with new firm entrants, and numerous new products and services launched under the basket. Business is such a road show that not only requires professional expertise, but also a big appetite to take risks and deal with market uncertainties which come with counter strategies.
Competition is the driving factor: With intense competition on the frontier, there is an acute demand to stay ahead of on the market from the rest of the crowd. Also, there is a continuous engagement in upgrading the development of product and services to the higher juncture to hook on the interest of the consumers on a periodic basis. As it is not possible to devise each and every plan or strategy all by yourself there is a rising need and demand of the pivotal role of the business consultants.
Attrition Drudgery: Johan Aurik is the chairman of one of the biggest consultant firm in world-At Kearney. During his visit to India, he opines that business consultants have massively grown and performed a crucial role in making the business flourish while making its own position in the market. He also resented his views about attrition drudgery in the consulting business, the attrition rate is 20% per year.
Apart from these market trends, business consultancies in India are going through a transition phase in itself amid competition and stiff attrition rate.
B2B Leads Adda is convulsing itself as a pioneer in business consultancy services in India. It as a business consultancy in Mumbai fosters optimistic spirits and tempo towards competition and pertinent threats of attrition drudgery in India.

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