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Vindaloo VoIP Announced to Offer Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution for Businesses

2020-11-20 03:32:06 Technology


Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a renowned IT company. The company offers different types of VoIP Solutions to its global customers. The company has a team of expert VoIP developers that has developed many ready to use VoIP Solutions. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced that the company has launched a ready to use Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution.

The launched IP PBX software solution can be used by any small to large scaled organizations. However, this solution is more suitable for a company which has multiple offices in different areas of the same city, country or even at the global level. The multi Tenant IP PBX solution comes with a wide array of features. These features enable the company to take benefit of advanced communication at cheaper rates. The multi tenant IP PBX software solution supports unlimited extensions for a company. It means each employee or department can have his / its own extension number. The calling between extensions is free. This means the multi tenant IP PBX software solution for business reduces the communication cost by 50% or more. Also, it helps in increasing productivity as the time otherwise wasted in internal chat or on desks can be eliminated. The multi tenant IP PBX software solution also provides some impressive communication features which make the task of reaching a customer and demonstrating the professionalism easier. Some of the most appreciated features of the multi tenant IP PBX software solution are listed below:
• Voice calling
• Conference calling
• Blind call forwarding
• Attended call forwarding
• Call transfer
• Call parking
• Call pick up
• Find me Follow me
• Whitelist
• Blacklist
• Music on Hold
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Nested IVR
• Call recording
• Call recording file playback or download
• Call detail reports
• And more

The multi tenant IP PBX solution of the Vindaloo VoIP also supports multiple codecs and protocols to provide the most flexible IP PBX system. It also supports multiple languages, so the business with multiple branches in different countries with different native languages can make use of this solution simplified as it is available in all major languages.

The company also announced to offer its multi tenant IP PBX software with an integrated billing solution. This is a VoIP billing system which bill a tenant based on his / her usage. The tenant can be a branch of the company itself or it can be a customer who uses the hosted PBX service of the company.

This multi tenant IP PBX software solution also provides remote access as it can be accessed via a web URL which can be opened from any device, from anywhere with the authorized credentials.

About Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd
It is an IT company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company offers development service in VoIP, web and mobile app sectors. The company also offers digital marketing services and graphic designing services. The company has developed some ready to use VoIP solutions. The multi tenant IP PBX software solution for business is a recently launched solution. To know more about it, please visit

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