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Cuban-American entrepreneur, Sahel Rafael Tamayo, says “We will live in a cashless society within the next 10 years”

2021-01-17 07:10:00 News & Society


Cash is time-consuming and allows drug cartels to move money. Digital transactions are the future.

For the rapid development of digital technology, the discussion and analysis regarding the usage of digital or cashless money are getting more interesting. A Cuban American entrepreneur, Sahel Rafael Tamayo agreed that we will live in a cashless society around the next 10 years.

The statement from Tamayo is based on the phenomena that had happened. Even nowadays, the uses of digital money has been seen particularly in online transaction. Some platforms and e-commerce have provided their digital wallet where the customers can keep their money there. It is still not used entirely for shopping for sure. However, by seeing many customers who prefer topping up their money there and using it to buy something later, it just proved that today’s society has been started to accustom with digital money, whether they realize it or not.

In a higher level, many people are also interested to invest their assets in the form of digital currency. The most popular one is indeed Bitcoin but there are also still many types of digital currencies circulate in the digital currency market. When digital currencies recently are still only known to certain people and only used in certain needs, it is possible that in the future, they are also used for daily transactions.

Despite to follow the digital technology, Tamayo added that cashless money and transaction give some benefits for many people. He mentioned that cash money is more time-consuming. It also enables drug cartels and other criminal actors to move money. Those are basically problems that are tried to solve by many governments in the world. If digital money is able to give solutions needed, it is not exaggerating to say that digital transactions are the future and we will become a part of the cashless society.

About Sahel Rafael Tamayo

Sahel Rafael Tamayo is a Cuban-American Entrepreneur, business executive, and investor, born on July 19, 1989. He is known as a voracious entrepreneur who prefers taking a role in the area of finance and credit industry. He is also the founder and president of Creditmergency, an online credit repair company. Nowadays, Creditmergency has grown to one of the leading credit repair companies in the US. For more information please visit

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