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New more powerful Jammer models for 2019 provided by Mania-Cool

2021-05-14 05:07:30 Technology


With the quick development of technology, people are addicted to modern service especially to mobile phones. People use mobile phones everywhere they want and they do not care about feeling of others. Someone may start loud conversation in public places: cinema, theatre, meeting room or hospital, however it distracts and irritates a lot of people around. When we talk about the children, it is necessary to note, that they are also getting mobile phone addicted. They play games, send messages, communicate or share photos with friends in their favourite social networking and as a result they do not pay attention on teachers. Fortunately, there is a tool, which can help to avoid such situations and its name - cell phone jammer.

Cell phone jammer - reliable protection of private data
Cell phone jammer is a device, which people use for protection of people's privacy by means of effective jamming or blocking cell phone signals on a certain frequencies. Mobile phone jammer intended to block such signals as CDMA, GSM, 3G, Wi-Fi, etc. Generating white noise at specific frequencies, the blocker creates reliable protection for your personal information. The jamming radius depends on many factors: jammer output power, distance to cell phone base station, weather, thickness of building's walls and many others. Cell phone blocker intended to block only mobile phones, so it won't influence work of other electronic devices.

There are different types of cell phone jammers: desktop, portable or handheld. That's why before the purchase you need to decide where you are going to use it. According to the statistic, people prefer to use portable cell phone jammers as they are compact and may fit into your pocket or a handbag. Usually, blocking range of portable jammers varies from 10-15 meters. However, jamming radius of more powerful portable jammers may reach up to 20 meters or more. Portable jammer has got built-in battery, which allows the device to work about 2-3 hours without stop. Someone use such blockers for protection of private information and negotiations.

Also, there are jammers, which people use for fighting against of hidden bugs and eavesdropping devices. In addition, someone use jammers to prevent anti-terrorist operations. For instance, neutralize detonators, which are usually activated by criminals via cell phone calls.

It is necessary to emphasize, that cell phone jammers are absolutely harmless, so they do not influence human health and body.

About :
Mania-Cool is specialized in the producing and supplying of multiple signal jamming devices: mobile phone jammers, 4G cell phone jammers, WiFi jammers, GPS jammers, drone jammers and remote control jammers, etc. The models vary from small pocket size, to portable models and desktop(stationary)models. We have been concentrating on higher reliability and best quality.

To better cater for the frequency blocking demands of customers from different country, we customize each jammer's frequencies according to the frequencies used in each destination country before actual dispatch. Also our jamming devices are equipped with excellent cooling system to ensure working stability continuously.


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