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Carousel USA Relocates to Larger Facility

2021-10-16 01:12:28 Automotive


Carousel USA is pleased to announce they have relocated to a substantially larger facility in Fontana, California, about 31 miles east of their last location in Irwindale. This larger facility enables them to house all of their services under one roof. The new location consists of two and a half acres, allowing for plenty of expansion opportunities in the future.

The previous location consisted of multiple buildings, making the logistics of their business more complex. Now that they have consolidated into one building, the work becomes much easier. Despite the move, the company has been able to retain all its employees. Although the company considered several out-of-state locations in an effort to reduce the costs of operating a business in California, they ultimately settled on Fontana because of the high risk of disrupting current business operations. Other locations considered included Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

Carousel USA is dedicated to providing their customers with the products they require to eliminate parking, access problems, manufacturing solutions, and custom revolving solutions. Most, if not all of their products are made in the USA, allowing their customers to feel confident they are getting quality and supporting the local economy.

Anyone interested in learning about the relocation can find out more by visiting the Carousel USA website or by calling 1-866-796-5975.

About Carousel USA: Carousel USA provides revolving machinery solutions for the military, industrial companies, businesses and individuals. They create customized solutions to the specifications of each of their clients to ensure the best results. Some of their products include commercial and residential turntables, surface mount turntables, parking sliders and motion control turntables.

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