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Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh organised a press conference To create awareness about advanced keyhole surgeries

2022-11-20 03:32:19 Health and Fitness


Rohtak, 17th May 2019: With advancements made in the field of cardiac sciences, more advanced and minimally invasive procedures have benefitted patients with various types of cardiac ailments. To highlight and create awareness among the common public about the advanced keyhole surgeries Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh organized an event today.

The highlights of the events emphasized on the recent advancements made in cardiac sciences and Minimally Invasive Cardiac procedures by the team of doctors from Max Super Specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. The mortality rate due to cardiovascular diseases tops the list with over 1.7 crore annual deaths. The team also busted myths that cardiac ailments are not only restricted to male, but post menopausal women are highly vulnerable to experience heart attacks.

“Over 3.2 crore Indians suffer from some type of cardiac ailments and only 1.5 lacs of them undergo Bypass Surgeries annually. But over the recent past 3-4 years Minimally invasive heart surgery (MICS) or Keyhole surgery has grown in popularity mainly due to observed benefits of minimal access surgery, such as cosmetic benefits, decreased pain and reduced surgical trauma and reduced hospital stay.In comparison to the conventional CABG(Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) which requires splitting the breastbone through a 10 inch incision, MICS or keyhole surgeries are much safer and done through the side of the left chest through micro incisions of around 2-3 inches.” Said Dr Veenu Kaul, Associate Director – CTVS, Max super Specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh.

As there is no need to cut the bones, MICS procedure has several advantages in reducing pain, retaining functions and having positive effect on breathing. The chest is entered between the ribs without cutting any bones and by splitting the muscle. Similar to a regular heart surgery the operation is performed using all arteries or a combination of arteries and veins removed from the leg. Unlike in case of traditional open heart surgeries, patients can resume their normal and other activities like driving, immediately.

“The other major advantages include minimal blood loss and elimination of blood transfusion which usually have major chances of developing blood borne infections.

“The procedure is ideally best suited for elderly and diabetic patients those who have poor resistance to infections as chances of developing infections like post surgical lung infection or infections due to wound are eliminated. The minimal invasive incision gives a better cosmetic appeal and also reduces the hospital stay. This procedure makes heart surgery possible for patients who were previously considered too high risk for traditional surgery due to age or medical history.” Added Dr Kaul

Minimally invasive heart surgery has been used as an alternative to traditional surgery for cardiac ailments including Coronary artery bypass,Mitral valve repair, Mitral valve replacement, Aortic valve replacement, Atrial septal defects ( Hole In Heart). As the cost for cardiac surgery is the lowest in the World, People Globally are now preferring such surgeries in India due to no waiting list for treatment, Well experienced surgeons and the success rate.

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