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HeatSign outlines What a Dot Peen Marking Machine Can Do for You

2020-05-29 03:26:21 Industry


HeatSign says that dot peen marking machines are the option many manufacturers prefer for making permanent, low-cost, accurate markings on a variety of parts. Diverse industries such as automotive, metalworking, and aerospace rely on them.

According to the company, the engraving pin creates small dots on the part, which join to form symbols like numbers, letters, and graphics outline.

Let’s take a look at the various applications of this engraving technology in detail.

Metal Tag Engraving:
Dot peen marking machines, the company says, are ideal for nameplate or metal tag engraving in cases where you cannot apply your mark directly to the part.

Of all marked tag options, engraved metal tags are the most durable. They are tough and can endure the punishing conditions of the industries they are built for.

Metal tag examples include steel, aluminum, and brass engraved tags. They are perfect for marking pipes, valves, and assets in industrial settings. You can also use them for property inventory, pet identification, cattle identification, and Vin numbering.

Mechanical Parts Processing and Equipment:
HeatSign says Dot peen engraving is useful for marking a variety of mechanical parts in different industries. These include tools, gears, metal tubes, pumps, fasteners, valves, drive shafts, engine blocks, cylinder heads, and so forth.

According to the company, the technology is appropriate for industrial use as well as inscribing parts in a small workshop. Depending on your particular need, you can either purchase a fixed dot peen machine or a hand held pin marker.

Automotive Part Marking and Vin Marking:
The automotive industry involves the manufacturing, design, development, marketing, and selling of cars. It does not include industries that deal with maintenance of motor vehicles.

Dot peen technology is valuable in this industry for engine block marking, marking automotive sensors, marking on chassis (VIN marking), traceability of exhaust systems, identification of motorcycle parts, and so forth.

Vin Marking:
VIN stands for “Vehicle Identification Number”. This identification number is marked on the body of the car. It provides vehicle traceability throughout the manufacturing process as well as after the car leaves the factory.

The traceability advantage of VIN numbers helps reduce the number of cars that are recalled when a manufacturer wants to replace faulty components.

Vibro Peen Marking in Automotive Industry:
Electric dot peen marking is also known as vibro peen marking. It is useful in the automotive industry because it can make quality automotive engravings at a high marking speeds.

Vibro peen automotive engraving is resistant to chemical compounds, abrasives, and temperature changes.

Furthermore, this permanent marking is also applicable to hot-rolled goods.

Dot Peen Marking Cars and Motorcycles:
Manufacturers direct part mark (DPM) cars and motorcycles using dot peen technology to ease identification and recognition of the marked parts.

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